• Support The Lesser-Known Youth Causes
    Research conducted by Youth Pulse Insights tells us that slightly more than two out of five (41%) college students think that brands "definitely should" support causes. Look within your organization to find out what your people care about and which opportunities fit best in relation to your industry.
  • Market The Company, Not The Product
    Viewing your consumer as an investor can help your messaging. But your messaging must change to accommodate the added responsibility. Gen Y is more receptive than ever to good opportunity, and blending your messaging into an investment sales pitch could be the solution.
  • Under The Influence
    Until Apple can unwind the cost argument, it will continue to struggle to escape the gravitational pull that parents have on the laptop that students wind up using.
  • Millennials Are More Likely To Pay For Your Content
    Gen Y influence is only growing -- by the end of this year they will comprise 47% of the 18-49 advertising demographic, whereas Baby Boomers will only comprise 17% of the 18-49 demo. As we ride the Gen Y wave, even more money-making opportunities are revealed.