Become A Champion Of Millennial Wealth
    Preparing to get my own income taxes done, an article on Forbes.com caught my eye. It discusses a study by the Brookings Tax Policy Center that found that the wealth of Gen Y is stagnating. They noted that people in their 30's (or younger) have no more net worth today than someone their age 27 years ago. In fact, some age groups actually lost ground. It seems for many Millennials, the American Dream of being wealthier than your parents may no longer be a reality.
    From Princess To Diva: Gen We's New Beauty Culture
    My daughter is seven, but she is so mature, articulate, and style-focused, she could easily be mistaken for a tween. And she's not the only one. Because of her, I spend a lot of time among girls age five to ten and I can tell you with certainty that the girls of Gen We are different than we were. In retail, the term "Christmas Creep" refers to the earlier displaying of Christmas-related merchandise every year. In the same fashion, the girls of Gen We are being affected by "Tween Creep," whereby girls as young as seven or eight are being …
    Football's Existential Crisis
    Recently, President Obama admitted he'd have to think hard about whether he'd let a son play football, amidst growing concerns about the safety of the sport. With a keen eye on public opinion, the President is echoing the temperament of the nation. What started in 1985 with the proliferation of "Baby on Board" signs has evolved into a socialized mandate to protect children from any and every potential threat, no matter how obscure or improbable. Even the great American sport of football can't escape the gravity of our communal desire to protect our precious offspring.
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