Some Brands Really Get Tumblr. Here's Why
    I reap the benefits of a job created only in the last five years. I write for social media sites that could be considered pet projects by companies. What they don't know is Tumblr, my favorite 'hobby,' has the potential to be a marketer's best friend.
    The Recession Gap: A Look At How Older And Younger Millennials Were Affected By The Recession
    For years, marketers have classified 18-35 year olds as "Millennials," because they share similar characteristics. However, there is value in segmenting this generation further into older (27-35) and younger (18-26) Millennials when looking at financial attitudes, as this generation experienced the recession and, thus, its effects in vastly different ways. Though all Millennials were affected in some way by the recession, younger Millennials, compared to older Millennials at the same life stage, have been more substantively impacted in several ways.
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