Channel Their Energy
    What can be learned from network marketing? Here is a rundown of the components of multi-level marketing that you can emulate with your Gen Y audience.
    The Battle Of College Textbooks Begins Anew
    Lack of adoption to electronic textbook format has much to do with digital rights management. Gen Y has little sympathy for the creators and owners of digital content, feeling that once it has been digitized, it's fair to share. As was the case with music, the solution to the textbook problem may be device-centric.
    Can't We All Just Get Along?
    Let's get something straight. Disdain for a young, upcoming generation by an older, dominant generation is not a new phenomenon. The last go-around was between the civic-minded GI Generation and the rebellious Baby Boomers. The storyline of generational change may be different this time, but the sentiment survives.
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