• Horizon Air Aims To Turn Drivers To Fliers
    Frequent travelers between Seattle and Portland are all too familiar with the long 200-mile drive on Interstate 5. It's dubbed "The Slog" -- and now Horizon Air is hoping to turn stressed-out drivers on this road into relaxed fliers.
  • Pilgrimage To Block Party A Religious Experience
    Need a reason to rock? Look no further than the family pet, toaster or piece of wood. Minneapolis was abuzz with a series of teaser ads earlier this year, each bearing a rock-and-roll theme.
  • Weight Watchers Says No-No To Yo-Yo
    Weight Watchers is receiving a brand makeover in Belgium that, if successful, will give residents the chance for a leaner look. Duval Guillaume Antwerp devised a series of guerilla campaigns across the country that center on the dreaded yo-yo form of weight control, where one month you're down 10 pounds and a few months later you're up 20.
  • The Taste of 'Cane'
    CBS wants potential viewers to get the flavor of its upcoming series "Cane." That flavor happens to taste like rum -- fake rum.
  • In Miles Of Aisles, Volumes Of Volumes
    Imagine eating in a restaurant, reaching for the condiments, and finding a miniature volume of "To Kill a Mockingbird"? How about walking up a path and stepping on "The Grapes of Wrath"? Better still, what would you think if you found a copy of "Seabiscuit" in between boxes of Cheerios and Corn Flakes? Aside from thinking it should be filed between Rice Krispies and Special K, I would also wonder why books are appearing in the cereal aisle.
  • Time Style & Design Only Has Eyes For LensCrafters
    LensCrafters had a vision: broker a magazine buy and become its sole advertiser. Vision accomplished in the August issue of Time Style & Design featuring the cover line, "Visionaries: Looking at the future through the eyes of 25 creative icons."
  • No Love Lost Between Alabama Residents And Big Banks
    Alabama residents are having relationship problems... with their banks. The Alabama Credit Union exploits this issue in a statewide ad campaign encouraging residents to wave bye-bye to their current bank.
  • Westin Shuttles Commuters To A Zen-like Place
    Not since HBO decorated one New York shuttle train to resemble the Gem Saloon from "Deadwood" have I so looked forward to riding public transportation. Westin decorated the interiors of all three S trains that shuttle commuters and tourists between Grand Central Terminal and Times Square with relaxing travel imagery.
  • Philadelphia Touts Local Hotspots In Tourism Campaign
    The city of Brotherly Love shows off its lesser-known attractions in a $5 million tourism campaign launched by the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation. I wonder how the locals feel about their favorite finds, whether restaurants or galleries, being outed for tourists to inundate? Locals don't seem to mind, since more than 40 Philadelphia bloggers are participating in the campaign.
  • Zappos Targets The Shoeless Flier
    Finding ads in every nook and cranny of airports is unavoidable , and spending quality time with airport security is inevitable. That makes this latest campaign for ads in airport security bins completely unsurprising -- especially since the media buy aptly fits the brand.
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