• Stamps Turn Into Do-Good Ad Medium
    Sure, online bill paying and e-cards may be the more accepted and economical way to go, but most of us still use stamps for some tasks. And lately, stamps have become canvases to promote various causes, like finding missing children in Canada and saving rhinos from extinction in South Africa.
  • Keep Your Eyes On The Mobile Prize; Look Away And You Lose
    To promote the eye-tracking technology built inside the Samsung Galaxy S4, Perfect Fools created a contest that rewarded winners with a free Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • MLB's First Telerobotic Pitch Thrown By Boy 1,800 Miles From Stadium
    On June 12, Nick LeGrande, a 13-year-old from Kansas City, Mo., threw the first pitch at a New York Yankees-Oakland Athletics game. What sets Nick apart from anyone else who has thrown a first pitch: he was actually 1,800 miles away, in his Missouri hometown, when he participated in the game.
  • The Digital Dossier From Cannes Cyberlions
    Among the big winners in last week's Cannes Cyberlions, was another stunning entry from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, whose "We Choose the Moon" site experience was among the best-in-class Web destination favorites from 2010. Last week, the library's latest "Clouds Over Cuba" interactive documentary via the Martin Agency & Tool of North America proudly took home Gold CyberLion honors for the U.S.
  • This Ad Is On Fire!
    As someone who thrives on innovative uses of technology in advertising, I make it a priority to check out lots of prototype ad formats and technologies integrated into new and native forms of brand messaging. But when someone takes a universal problem -- like cellphone battery life -- and solves it in an ad, then I'm really left wishing I had done that myself.
  • Fans Collaborate With Brand On Silk Soymilk Ads
    When an established brand alters the taste of its product, things can go really well or send consumers fleeing to find an alternative brand. Judging by the YouTube comments on Silk Soymilk's brand channel, feedback is split down the middle. On the flip side, consumers seemed to enjoy the campaign supporting the flavor change.
  • Fashion, Food And Street-Legal Drugs
    In Amsterdam, a spring fashion lookbook was transformed into an extreme cookbook, full of recipes using street-legal drugs. The agency Arnold Amsterdam created "Baked" to drive attention to European online men's fashion store FreshCotton.com's launch of an exclusive, special edition Stussy Amsterdam T-shirt that costs 35 euro.
  • Car Paint, Heal Thyself
    Nissan has developed self-healing paint, a technology that renders a car scratch-proof. Does this spell the end of parking at the far end of the store so errant shopping carts don't ding my car? Someday, just not today.
  • Mail A Letter -- It Could Save A Life
    New technology, like social networks, not only reconnects old friends and relatives but sheds light on cold-case crimes, most recently helping to solve a 45-year-old hit-and-run death. This month, The Missing Children's Network in Canada goes old-school in its effort to help locate missing children by placing the pictures of those missing on postage stamps.
  • A&W Restaurant's Social Media Moves: Locked Out Of LinkedIn, Rebounds With Vine
    A&W Restaurants is jumping headfirst into social media with the help of its mascot, Rooty The Great Root Bear. Back in February, A&W Restaurants created a LinkedIn profile for Rooty, marking the first time a brand mascot had its own LinkedIn profile, according to the company. Those who added Rooty as a connection received a fun and light-hearted LinkedIn recommendation. Rooty wasn't able to deliver too many recommendations, however, because once LinkedIn caught wind of his page, it was shut down completely, because Rooty isn't a real person. In a follow-up video posted to YouTube, Rooty begs to differ.
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