• Advertising Week Takes Over Times Square
    Did you know there are digital signs in Times Square that are suitable for carrying advertising messages? If not, a whole raft of publicity stunts and campaigns will help educate you about the existence of these signs during Advertising Week and beyond.
  • LCD Signage Shipments Jump
    While not every digital display sold necessarily carries advertising, shipments of digital signage are a pretty good bellwether for the digital out-of-home advertising business that depends on them. And judging by the latest industry data, cutting edge LCD signage -- and with it , DOOH -- are booming.
  • DOOH Blooms On Post-Industrial Sites
    It's an unfortunate fact of our modern, post-industrial economy that buildings, like people, sometimes get left behind: just check out the abandoned steel mills of Pittsburgh or the vast, derelict spaces of Detroit Harbor. But abandoned buildings still have their uses, even when they aren't candidates for full restoration or redevelopment. For one thing, they're great backdrops for digital signage -- really, really big digital signage.
  • Digital Kiosks Come To NASCAR
    One of the nation's most popular spectator sports is about to get more interactive, thanks to digital-out-of-home technology. This week racing venue owner Speedway Motorsports, Inc. began testing digital signage kiosks (created by the Heads and Tails Company, a SoCal outfit) during the Irwin Tools Night Race NASCAR Weekend at the Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tenn.
  • Kiosks Turn Users Into Wolverines -- Er, The Wolverine
    If you are a 12-year-old boy, or were ever one, then you have probably fantasized about being The Wolverine, easily the most hirsute and irritable of Marvel Comics' pantheon of gravelly voiced, chemically altered weirdos. Now you can make the fantasy reality, thanks to 20th Century Fox International and Soap Creative, which joined forces (like the X-Men, get it?) to create interactive kiosks that put you in the buff superhero's fur, as part of a worldwide promotion for "The Wolverine" movie.
  • DPAA Summit To Focus On 'Video Everywhere'
    The Digital Place-based Advertising Association revealed its agenda for its sixth annual summit, "Video Everywhere," which will explore ways to integrate place-based media with the rest of the evolving media landscape.
  • Monster Media Buys LocaModa
    Digital out-of-home network Monster Media has acquired LocaModa, which helps DOOH networks and advertisers integrate social media content into their campaigns, including mobile and online channels. LocaModa has its own network of DOOH affiliates and clients, so the acquisition will also increase Monster Media's reach.
  • JCDecaux Unveils Even Bigger Signs at JFK
    JCDecaux apparently felt that the very large digital sign it recently unveiled at John F. Kennedy International Airport's Terminal 8 just wasn't enough: this week the global outdoor advertiser revealed two even bigger signs above the entrance to JFK's Terminal 1, which you won't be able to miss if you happen to be traveling via Air France, Lufthansa, Aeromexico, Japan Airlines, or Korean Air, or any one of the other airlines hosted at Terminal 1.
  • IZ-ON Launches Hispanic Ad Network
    IZ-ON, the in-store digital video network previously known as Premier Retail Networks, has launched a Hispanic advertising network which it claims reaches 34 million Hispanic viewers per month through displays in big-box retailers, convenience stores, and dining venues.
  • Google Taps NFC For DOOH Games In Aussie Airports
    Google is promoting Google Play in Australia with a new campaign combining digital-out-of-home displays and near-field communication, as well as QR codes, in three major airports.
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