• 'Happy' Daze: New NBC Sitcom Is One Big Mess
    I hardly know where to begin with this review of this new NBC comedy series called "One Big Happy," premiering tonight, March 17 at 9:30 Eastern, so I'll begin at the beginning. First, here's what it's about: The title is adapted from the phrase "one big happy family." It refers to the unusual structure of the "family" seen on the show. If nothing else, "One Big Happy" represents the same old dreary formulas and tasteless conversations that characterize so much of network television comedy today.
  • Entertainer In Chief Obama Was A Regular Riot On 'Kimmel'
    Fun-loving President of the United States Barack Obama joked about outer-space aliens, revealed that he does not visit the White House kitchen late at night in his underwear for a snack, and refuted Kanye West's claim that the two have talked on the phone. The good-natured leader of the free world made these comments and others on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last Thursday night, the president's first visit to a late-night comedy show since way back in December when he was last seen on "The Colbert Report."
  • 'Fashion Police': Much Ado About Almost Nothing
    I don't know what's more puzzling: Kathy Griffin -- one of the most vicious insult comics working today -- quitting "Fashion Police" because it's too mean, or all the attention this TV show has received when its audience is relatively miniscule. Griffin lasted through seven shows. The highest-rated was probably the post-Oscars show seen Feb. 23 on E!. Yesterday, Griffin issued a statement in which she honored herself and her position in the pantheon of insult comedy, while implying that the style of insults leveled by the commentators on the show was somehow too inappropriate for her to continue.
  • Detritus Of The 1960s Enshrined In 'Mad Men' Museum Show
    Quite an effort was evidently expended to ship hundreds of "Mad Men"-related objects both large and small from L.A. to New York for a museum exhibition coinciding with the arrival of the final seven episodes of this storied TV series. The final episodes of "Mad Men" begin on Sunday, April 5, winding up on May 17. This "Mad Men" exhibition at the Museum of the Moving Image opens March 14 and runs for three months through June 14.
  • Fun And Games: At Upfront, GSN Has Good Time Stressing Originals
    You should expect to have fun when attending an upfront presentation put on by a network known for games, and the upfront event put on by the Game Show Network in Manhattan yesterday (March 10) met all expectations.
  • CBS' 'Battle Creek': It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore
    In its first two episodes, the CBS cop show "Battle Creek" has made no references to Kellogg's cereals, although an upcoming episode is reportedly titled "Cereal Killer." This past Sunday's episode was titled "Syruptitious" and it was about maple syrup -- a breakfast condiment but not a breakfast cereal. Why bring this up? Because for many people, the city of Battle Creek, Mich. is synonymous with Kellogg's, which is headquartered there.
  • Former NBC News Chief To The Rescue: Can This Mess Be Fixed?
    NBC's decision to bring in a former NBC News chief, Andrew Lack, to stabilize a division that seems rudderless at the moment would appear to be a good one -- at least on the surface: Call in a former leadership figure to come in who will calmly and skillfully rearrange the pieces on the organizational chessboard so that the operation will at least give the impression that it is running smoothly again. Now, with Lack coming back, TV columnists and reporters are speculating that NBC will roll out the red carpet for the NBC News stars of yesteryear
  • Conquest Of 'Empire': Fox Series Is Season's Top Success Story
    The success of Fox's "Empire" is the top story of the network television season. How well is "Empire" performing? It's not just the ratings, which are spectacular, but the way they have been increasing every single week since "Empire" premiered on Jan. 7. The growth in viewership has been on a consistent upswing since the show's premiere, with no plateaus or dips -- just a graph line steadily rising with each new episode -- a performance that is all too rare on TV.
  • 'Dig' This: USA Network Mounts Intriguing Mideast Miniseries
    Set primarily in Jerusalem, the mystery story that unfolds in the miniseries "Dig" comprises many wide-ranging elements. These elements pile up in the first two episodes of this 10-part "event," which premieres tonight (March 5) at 10 Eastern on USA Network. The fact that this miniseries means to tell its story from beginning to end in 10 episodes implies that the connections between these many parts will be fully explained and revealed by the time it concludes. If the producers and writers of "Dig" can pull off this feat, then it will be well worth the wait.
  • At Upfront, Formerly All-Male Spike Pushes Female Audience Growth
    The once completely male-oriented Spike TV yesterday ballyhooed the growth of its female audience and vowed to continue to work toward evolving its dual-gender "co-viewing" in the coming year. "Co-viewing" was a word that came up frequently Tuesday at Spike's 2015 upfront presentation and lunch held at the cavernous Cipriani event space on East 42nd Street in New York. Spike introduced some new shows, trotted out an impressive array of stars and personalities, and adjusted its positioning with a newly designed "Spike" logo and newly minted tagline, "The Ones to Watch."
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