Friction In Brand Experience: Friend or Foe?
    Friction can provide those moments that create genuine human experiences, which can drive customers' decision-making.
    Boost Your ROI With Improved Facebook Ad Placements
    To get the best results for the lowest possible cost, it's important to understand how Facebook's algorithm optimizes.
  • How Brands Can Overcome Disconnect Between Women And The Media
    For one, brands can adopt the ANA's Gender Equality Measure (GEM) scoring system, used to quantify consumer reactions to the treatment of women in ads and programming.
    Digital Metrics: Take Results With Healthy Dose Of Skepticism
    One of the benefits of digital media is its ability to track conversions, online and offline. But too often, results are accepted, not challenged.
    5 Things You Need to Know About The Voice-Activated Future Of Marketing
    Speaking is the new typing - and if consumers have their way, a whopping 50% of all search queries will be voice-based by the end of next year.
  • 3 Ways To Create Unified Brand Message During A Merger
    It’s hard enough to get front-line employees to buy into brand messaging when you’re running one company. Make it two, and the potential for chaos skyrockets. IBM and software firm Red Hat are facing this challenge after the pair signed a $34 billion deal. While headlines focus on the magnitude of the financial transaction — the deal is IBM’s largest acquisition ever — it’s the merging of corporate identities that promises the most upheaval. Any companies considering a merger are undoubtedly aware of countless cautionary tales. One of the most notable failed unions occurred back in 2000 when …
    How And When Brands Should Tap Into The Musical Zeitgeist
    Blindly tapping a musical zeitgeist without giving it deeper thought could easily backfire. Here's how to do it right.
    How Brands Can Get The Most Bang From Influencer Partnerships
    How can you make sure your partners are powered up to do the best they can in telling your brand story?
    2019 Affluent Outlook: What A Difference A Year Makes
    Overall, economic storm clouds appeared in late Q4 '18 and clearly provided a darker context for the data.
    Social Responsibility: Is It Good Marketing?
    A marketing and sales association is giving out an award for corporate social responsibility (CSR). Does that mean focusing on CSR is really good marketing?
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