Hidden Danger To D2C Marketing: Fake 'Lookalikes'
    "Ghost profiles" set up by fraudsters are designed to generate fake traffic, despite happening within supposedly safer walled-garden social media.
    5 Ways Marketers Can Thrive In Highly Regulated Industries
    Cannabis, pharma, alcohol, nicotine, and gambling industries follow tightly regulated marketing restrictions, so they must create compelling content for a targeted market.
    Overcoming The Hands-Brain Divide In Agency Partnerships
    The hands-brain divide has limited the potential of many a company-agency relationship by relegating agencies to doers rather than thinkers.
    Lessons From The College Admissions Scandal
    What can brands do to help address the crisis in higher education exemplified by the cheating scandal?
    Can Marketers Measure Influence Of Influencers?
    New product claims to turn influencers into a quantifiable, revenue-driving channel for luxury hotels.
    Diversity Delivers Innovation
    As the populace becomes more diverse, the companies that reflect that diversity will have the edge over those that don't.
    Return Beyond Reach: Solving The Marketing ROI Riddle
    Reach alone does not drive business forward. Being more impactful to fewer people and driving a greater conversion rate may be significantly more valuable.
    Rethinking Arenas Of Future: Sports Book Meets Epcot Meets Top Golf?
    Future options may include on-site sports gambling in VIP lounges replete with digital kiosks and banquettes with built-in interactive tablets.
    Cannabis: 'Biggest' Not A Brand Strategy
    Cannabis companies can learn from the lesson of Pets.com's failures in the dot-com era.
    Gen Z's Retail Eye: They Love Brick-And-Mortar Shopping
    For Gen Z, retail and ecommerce shopping complement each other and accentuate the shopping experience.
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