How To Stop Selling To People Who Will Never Buy
    Here are a couple of tips to gauge the real efficiency of national versus local media and, in turn, focus on people who will actually buy from you.
    Preparing For Worst-Case Scenario Can Bring Marketing Success
    In marketing, being optimistic is essential --- but something is almost guaranteed to go wrong with nearly every campaign.
    Virtual Meetings As Marketing Tools
    Large-scale virtual meeting attendance has multiplied tenfold in some cases, with many attendees signing up just days in advance.
    Competitive Integrity Vs. Melodrama: NFL's Marketing Win-Win
    The incessant melodrama of schedule shuffling -- accompanied by rumors of harsh penalties for teams that violate safety protocols -- has only fueled interest.
    3 Ways UGC Will Change Advertising
    User-generated content (UGC) captures an authentic intimacy no other creative format can match.
    Influencer Marketing Insights Live In Social Media Comments
    Tracking comments is the most effective way to measure your influencer marketing campaign.
    Great Marketing Recipe: Teens Devour Travis Scott Meal
    What can marketers learn from this McDonald' promotion, which brought a ray of hope to gloomy restaurant predictions?
    What Marketing Strategists Can Learn From RBG
    If intuition favors the familiar, it's time to "dissent" like RBG and search for ideas that are truly original.
    Developing Audio Strategy Is Critical For Brands Today
    Over three-quarters of American internet users aged 13+ years listen to music via streaming, signaling new opportunities for brands to innovate with audio.
    Marketing To Asian Identity, Not Assumptions
    What name -- Asian American? Asian? Country of origin? -- do Asians living in the U.S. prefer to be identified by?
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