• Relatively Speaking: If Einstein Designed a Yacht, What Would It Look Like?
    Albert Einstein, yacht enthusiast? Believe it. Amsterdam Worldwide created a concept superyacht for Feadship, a Netherlands-based crafter of custom yachts, based on amenities that a potential client, Albert Einstein, would prefer.
  • Play A Virtual Game Of Musical Chairs, And Win... A Chair!
    Much like a real game of musical chairs, the virtual version also lasts between seven and 10 minutes. Blu Dot, which makes high-end furniture, began hosting a series of musical chairs games on Twitter Dec. 3 with winners receiving one of its new Hot Mesh chairs, valued at $99.
  • London Shop Makes Music For Red Stripe Consumers
    A local corner store in London, where you can buy just about anything in a pinch, added music to its offerings for one day, Nov. 28. Red Stripe beer transformed Best Supermarket, located in East London on Dalstand's Kingsland High Street, into a musical extravaganza whenever a consumer purchased a Red Stripe or two.
  • McDonald's China Customizes Angry Birds Game
    Gaming and eating come together in a location-based campaign for McDonald's China. TBWA\Helsinki and Gamelab collaborated with Rovio, creators of the popular Angry Birds franchise, to create a customized game that's available for download when a gamer is playing Angry Birds inside or near a McDonald's in China.
  • Children's Museum Promotes Creative Kids' Play With Cardboard Box Shop
    Remember the good old days when kids played outside in the fresh air for hours on end and had to be forced to come in? Then you've probably heard stories of your parents walking to school in the snow, uphill, when they were young.To promote the "Unboxed: Adventures in Cardboard" exhibit, The Chicago Children's Museum launched Mister Imagine's Toy Store, a pop-up store in Chicago's Wicker Park. This toy store, however, was nothing like a traditional toy store with games, videos, dolls and books. This toy store sold cardboard boxes, and nothing else.
  • Turning Up The 'Moo-sic' In Cow-Centric Campaign
    The use of a cowbell is optional in an online campaign for the BC Dairy Association. Aspiring music composers in British Columbia can put their talents to the test by creating an original piece of music that will be judged by a herd of cows.
  • Playing In Creative Sandbox: Site Spotlights Ad Case Histories
    Google launched a crowd-sourced website for members of the ad industry to highlight their current and recent digital campaigns and the role technology played in the creative process. The Creative Sandbox, developed by AKQA, allows agencies to submit any digital work that launched starting with September 2011 onward.
  • 'Splattered Paint'? Kids Critique Museum Art
    When you want an honest opinion, the best person to ask is a kid. They offer unfiltered answers that might not be flattering -- but they are sincere. Art collective Audio Tour Hack did just that with "MoMA Unadulterated," when it brought New York City kids from kindergarten through fifth grade to the Museum of Modern Art's permanent fourth floor collection and asked for feedback on iconic pieces of art. "MoMA Unadulterated" is the second in a series of audio tours designed to make visiting museums entertaining and enjoyable for anyone, regardless of how much they know about art.
  • Toyota iQ Goes Where No Google Car Can, Tracking Belgium's Narrow Streets
    Sometimes even the behemoths, like Google, need help from the little guys. Going where no Google Street car could go in Belgium -- chalk it up to countless narrow streets -- Toyota equipped its iQ city car with a camera to complete Google's Street View for Belgium.
  • Don't Rock -- Folk The Vote
    Who says rock and roll must have all the fun during political season? To promote its yearly folk festival, Kent State University created a mock political campaign urging music lovers to "Vote Folk."
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