• Ubiquitous Steve Harvey's Brand Plan: To Swoosh Like Nike
    Every once in a while, a TV personality comes along whose energy and workload seems to stagger the imagination. When you ponder all the activities these people are engaged in at any one time, you wonder how there are enough hours in a day to accommodate them.
  • Commies In The Dark: Squinting At 'The Americans'
    The dimly lit, hard-to-watch scenes in "The Americans" are unfortunate because they mar a viewing experience that, for the most part, has been richly rewarding for three seasons.
  • Network TV Is Crowded With Second-Rate Sitcoms
    A new comedy series on NBC has me thinking of swearing off of network sitcoms for good. The one-word title "Crowded" is applied here to describe what the household in the show becomes after two grown children move back home after they graduate from college and then find out life in the real world is not so easy.
  • Comedian No One Ever Heard Of Takes On Cosby, Gets Tons Of Attention
    "The Carmichael Show" decides to take on Bill Cosby, who happens to be one of the most storied personalities in the history of the network.
  • Can The Internet Ruin Your Life? New Syfy Series Says Yes
    "The Internet Ruined My Life" is a very provocative TV show that purports to tell the true stories of people whose lives were turned upside-down in the aftermath of things they posted on social media.
  • New 'Situation-Reality' Show On A&E Has Innocent People Volunteering For Jail
    They're not criminals, but they're playing them on TV. The question is: Why? It's the latest twist in situation-reality shows
  • Notes From 'Underground': Surprising Slave Drama Is Big Win For WGN America
    Sometimes a show comes along that shatters all your dreary expectations -- telling you that you're watching something special, new and different. That's the case with "Underground," premiering Wednesday,
  • 'Of Kings And Prophets' On ABC: A Mystery Of Biblical Proportions
    In this series, a king clashes with a prophet in the desert sands of ancient Palestine. I have to ask: What is this ancient-world drama doing on prime-time network TV? There's nothing on the air like it on ABC or any other network.
  • 'Downton Abbey' Finale Was A Miracle Of Storytelling
    It all came together so nicely, and with so many happy endings, that it was easy to overlook the one character's storyline that ended sadly on the final episode of "Downton Abbey."
  • 'Damien' And 'Bates Motel': TV Shows As Movie Sequels And Prequels
    A&E's "Bates Motel" and now its new companion series "Damien" might have you wondering what other old movies might be mined for prequel or sequel treatment in the form of a TV series.
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