• Morgan Freeman Goes Globetrotting In Search Of God
    Starting this Sunday, TV's miraculous ability to take us places we cannot go will be pressed into service for what is ultimately a religious purpose -- the search for God.
  • Patty Duke And The Lost World Of 1960s Television
    Looking at TV shows of the 1960s,I am usually struck by the sheer number of them that were based on ideas that were decidedly farfetched, if not far out.
  • The Sitcom Wanderings Of Saint George Lopez
    Lopez knows the vicissitudes of program development and production from network to cable, prime time to late-night. He plays a successful comedian who is more or less himself this time around.
  • Shandling And Seinfeld: Two Comedians Talking About Death
    Some months ago, Garry Shandling joked with Jerry Seinfeld about news reports in which people who die in their 60s are described as "too young."
  • TV's Tiny House Craze: Is This The End Of The American Dream?
    TV's tiny house craze currently consists of at least six shows that try to give the impression that tiny house living is a trend that is sweeping the nation.
  • Judge Palin: From The Wilds of Alaska To The Wilds Of Daytime TV
    The former governor, one-time candidate for vice president and rootin' tootin' rabble-rouser for conservative causes wants to be a judge on a TV court show. It could be a lucrative gig if she can make it work.
  • Here's 'The Catch': New ABC Show Reveals Con Games Are Complicated
    In "The Catch," premiering Thursday night on ABC, mere computers are not enough. The con artists of prime-time TV use sophisticated cyber methods to separate marks from their billions.
  • NBC's New 'Heartbeat' Heroine Is A Miracle Of Modern Medicine
    An air of unbelievability permeates the atmosphere in "Heartbeat," NBC's new drama series about a super-surgeon.
  • Debate Over Media's 'Unfair' Attention To Trump Is Hogwash
    A debate over all the attention being paid by the news media to Donald Trump has simmered just below the surface of his improbable, vexing and, so far, successful campaign for president.
  • The Return Of David Hasselhoff: One Man Making A Difference
    Every time I contemplate the cult of Hasselhoff, the same questions leap into my brain: What is with this guy? What is the secret to his enduring appeal?
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