• Media Should Point Finger At Itself When Explaining Trump's Rise
    For many in the portion of the electorate that has lined up behind Trump, the "media" and government are now one and the same -- two big institutions whose members are full of themselves, and to some degree, also in cahoots.
  • Reflections On Morley Safer's Retirement From '60 Minutes'
    More than any other broadcast network, CBS has a knack for keeping people around. Morley Safer -- who announced this week that he will leave "60 Minutes" after 46 years -- is just 84.
  • ID Briefly Puts Away Its Knives For New Docu-Series About Vegas DAs
    The Las Vegas DA's office allowed camera crews to follow its prosecutors around as they prepared for court, and film the trials. The result is "Las Vegas Law," which premieres Thursday night on the lurid cable channel known as Investigation Discovery (ID).
  • Final Upfront Week Isn't The Big Bang It Used To Be
    This season of presentations has been going on since March 2. From digital companies to TV networks, they all have one similar goal: Getting their hands on advertisers' money.
  • Where Do You Stand On This Kars4Kids Commercial?
    This must be one of the most grating 30 seconds of advertising ever seen on tv and raises more questions than it answers -- most notably, what is Kars4Kids, and why would I give my car to these people?
  • 'Good Wife' Demonstrates That The Era Of Huge Series Finales Is Over
    Ratings for "The Good Wife" finale were a bit higher than what this show was getting generally -- another sign that the days of generating national, or near-national, interest in a series finale appear to be over, thanks once again to the fragmentation of TV viewing.
  • Trump-Clinton Debate Will Be Battle Of The Century
    So many questions, and one foregone conclusion: A televised debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be the TV event of the year, if not the century.
  • Cold Coffee And A Giant Bug: Notes From This Week's NewFronts
    At the Hulu upfront this past Wednesday morning, the coffee was cold and the floor of the Madison Square Garden Theater was sticky. I admit it, we are buzzkillers -- the kind of people who get invited to a party and then complain about it later.
  • Preacher Feature: Ministers Are TV's Newest Crop Of Reality Stars
    Has TV found religion? Not in the sense that it has renounced all sinning -- but in the sense that TV has discovered that charismatic ministers can make for compelling reality TV characters.
  • PBS Continues Its Quest To Ensure That No One Forgets The '60s
    Both Janis Joplin, who died of a drug overdose in 1970 at age 27, and Joan Baez, who turned 75 on Jan. 9, get the PBS treatment this week in two separate shows.
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