How Advertisers Can Regain The Brand Differentiation They Lost In 2017
    The most imperative issue threatening brands this year isn't particularly new. In fact, it's been with us for a while.
    Millennial Moms: The Misunderstood Influencer
    There's a lot of uncertainty among brands about which consumer groups hold the key to influence in their digital marketing. Somewhere on the Venn diagram nestled between Millennials and Moms are the new power influencers: Millennial Moms. Did you know that 83% of new moms are Millennials?
    The Trouble With Campaigns
    Why brands should stop waging war with their customers.
    Cross-cultural Ads Are The Way To Win On YouTube
    With all of the talk of Big Data, it's clear to these consumers that most advertisers are taking a "one size fits all approach" to content and ads on YouTube. Marketers aren't leveraging the customization of the medium to really connect with these multicultural YouTube viewers.
    What Makes a Super Bowl Commercial 'Millennial Friendly'?
    Every year, I sit down with my students and ask just that - and opinions often vary. Some prefer emotional tear-jerkers starring the Anheuser- Busch Clydesdales, others favor funny ads, like your typical Doritos commercial.
    Brands Are Upside Down On Content
    A dangerous paradox threatens brands in the content age.
    'SNL' - A Brand That Boomers Love
    'When you think of brand names with which you connect, we're guessing that you immediately go to consumer goods - Apple, Ford, Kellogg, Volvo, etc. But we know that media brands also play an important role in our society, yet we rarely think of them that way. The reputation of The New York Times is just as much of a brand as Dodge or Samsung.
    Data That Feels The Customer
    Data is more than just numbers. Data gives us insight into our customers's minds and their everyday behavior. In healthcare, data is being used to predict and prevent, cure disease, and improve patient quality of life. The more we use data to learn about and understand our customers, the more we can design meaningful customer experiences that drive engagement.
    Winning Hispanics's Trust Amid Healthcare Uncertainty: Top 5 Considerations
    Amid the healthcare debate in the U.S., one key data point cannot be overlooked: There are 58 million registered and documented Hispanics that go to work every day, shop and make healthcare choices for their families. The U.S. Hispanic segment continues to represent an enormous opportunity for brands in the healthcare sector, and to win their trust amid healthcare uncertainty, brands must become their "neighborhood doctor."
    Hispanic Purchasing Power Packs A Punch At The Grocery Store
    The purchasing power of the estimated 57 million Hispanics in the United States has soared to heights never before seen, according to the recently issued report, "The Why? Behind the Buy U.S. Hispanic Shopper Study," 6th Edition. This is great news for the grocery and CPG sectors of the U.S. economy, as Hispanics have become one of the most sought-after ethnic groups in the retail grocery market - and there are many lucrative reasons why.
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