Gaining Access to Gen Z's Invite-Only Club
    Generation Z, the "digital savvy since birth" younger siblings of Millennials, are quickly becoming a significant consumer audience for marketers, but the expected route to reach these consumers is not yielding the desired results. This demographic is expert at tuning out advertising and marketing messages. Brands continue to try to reach this coveted group with TV commercials, but these teens and younger millennials stream right around them. You would think digital ads might work, but if they are not completely real and relevant, forget it. This group will block them. And print? No way - they're not even in the …
    The Truth About Marketing To Spanish Speakers
    Yes, the Pew Research Center recently reported that share of Latinos who speak Spanish has declined in major U.S. metro markets. But did you read past the attention-grabbing headlines?
    Take Your Customer Relationship To The Next Level
    Customers are people. So it follows that in many ways relationships with your customers are like the other relationships in your life. How can you take them to the next level? Put another way, data-driven marketing is like dating and if everyone treated it that way, they would be more successful.
    Why They Play Pro Squash In A Glass Cube In Grand Central Terminal
    It was installed last week and will remain there for the duration of the J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions (TOC) squash competition, a major stop on the Professional Squash Association's World Series tour, attracting top players from the U.S. and worldwide.
    Improve Cross-Channel Attribution Capabilities, Embrace The Possibilities
    To gain a more holistic view of campaign performance, prove business value and definitively tie marketing efforts to tangible results, the industry must change its approach and embrace cross-channel attribution to improve ultimate ROI.
    Are CEOs The Next Public Servants?
    The bell has rung on year one of Donald Trump's exhausting and culturally tempestuous presidency. His provocative executive orders and tweets have spawned immense activism by students, women, athletes, scientists, and actors - railing against Trump's bigotry and Gilded Age policies. And for the first time in recent history, corporations and their CEOs have actively entered the political fray.
    Sports Teams Now Need To Compete For Generation C
    Think of the big play in last night's game. Where did you see it? Were you watching it live on television, or did you catch the highlights on ESPN's "SportsCenter" or your local newscast?
    Master The Journey To Digital: 4 Areas Of Focus For CPGs
    Historic CPG leaders are falling behind as their smaller, digitally enabled counterparts rewrite the rules and consumer expectations are changed by digitally native operators such as Uber, Amazon and Netflix.
    AR Raises The Stakes On Brand Responsibility
    Augmented reality creates the opportunity for brands to be more intrusive than ever because it's more a filter for living than a medium for accessing content. As wearers literally experience life through the lens of their smartphones, glasses or headsets, brands are invited into a more personal, subjective, sensitive relationship than marketers could have imagined a generation ago.
    Young New Moms Expect A Lot From Labor, Delivery Experiences
    Hospital stays are becoming more and more like hotel stays when it comes to the amenities that young expectant mothers are looking for when heading in to deliver their child. Young moms who are accustomed to life in the digital era, with options such as one-click buying and same-day drone delivery service, are expecting a more customized experience in every aspect of their lives - not just retail.
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