Measuring The Wrong Data Is Costing Marketers Billions
    Today's data-driven world has resulted in the emergence of data as an organization's most valuable resource and cornerstone of corporate strategy. Marketers are using this information to drive smarter, more creative decisions. But all the data in the world is useless if marketers are measuring the wrong things, and may cost marketers billions of dollars in wasted resources.
    Technology Companies And 'Treatment'
    The world of healthcare has changed profoundly. With technology and media companies disrupting every stage of the patient's health journey, the paradigm of care has finally shifted.
    4 Things To Know About The Chinese Luxury Consumer
    Chinese buyers have stepped up their purchases of New York City real estate in the last few years. What's notable about these buyers is they often build their own skyscrapers rather than just purchase historic buildings. For buyers from China, history doesn't play as large a role as the property's potential does.
    Equal Partnership Between Millennial Parents Really Means More Work For Both
    Today's feminism stresses that true equality must come not only from women being equal in the work place, but also from men contributing equally at home. Millennial parents are the first to try to take on this challenge of equal contribution both in terms of the paychecks they bring home and the work that goes into childcare and household chores. Millennial parent attitudes are proving that it truly is a challenge as both parents seem to be taking on more and working harder without benefiting from the relief that their partner should, in theory, provide.
    What Does it Take To Connect Culturally To Hispanics?
    In marketing circles there's incessant hype about being culturally relevant to the vast Hispanic market here in the U.S., which is 59 million strong. It is great to see examples of it done right.
    Why Airbnb Is Losing The Branding Fight Against Hotels
    Airbnb might be approaching $100 million in annual revenue, but it's ignoring an existential threat that has the potential to fundamentally destroy its revenue model. It's a lesson in messaging and crisis PR that no entrepreneur or marketing professional should ignore.
    10 Brand Voice Lessons Every Marketer Should Master
    Sadly, the majority of brand messages fails to achieve the most essential tasks of communications. They lack clarity. They pose conflicting messages. They often don't even pay lip service to integrated themes.
    Best Ads Of The World Cup (So Far)
    We're only a few days into the FIFA World Cup, but it's been an exhilarating ride thus far. Here's a rundown of some of my favorite World Cup ads - with more to come as the tournament progresses.
    Smart Speakers Are Listening; Brands Can Help Us Find Our Voice
    One in six Americans has a smart speaker, according to a report by NPR and Edison Research. Marketers have taken notice of this powerful trend. But just as early experiments in branded mobile apps hinged on utility, success in the smart speaker space depends on brands enriching our everyday lives.
    What My 3 Daughters Have Taught Me About Where We're Headed
    Each year, Father's Day has us reflect on the lessons our fathers have taught us, and consider which ones we've managed to pass along to our own kids. But in reality, some of the biggest lessons and inspiration I've received in my life have come from my daughters.
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