3 Reasons Why Legacy CPG Brands Should Go D2C
    For one, they'll have access to first-party shopper data, providing valuable insights into what what other products may be of interest to consumers.
    3 Strategic Questions To Ask For Content Marketing Win
    For example: "What is our winning aspiration?"
    DAZN's 'ChangeUp': Case Study For MLB's Pursuit Of Younger Fans
    The show is a great litmus test for both MLB's uber-focus on youth and the ways in which sports content will be consumed beyond the in-person experience.
    4 Ways To Avoid Common A/B Testing Pitfalls
    Strategies Include running A/A tests and combating cross-contamination.
    Restaurants Should Increase Their Appetite For Digital Marketing
    The beauty of digital done the right way is its ability to provide access to greater customer data and insights.
    What Happens When Your Brand Becomes Invisible?
    This may sound far-fetched, but it's an inescapable reality for marketers, brand leaders, creative agencies, and product experts as audio becomes a primary touchpoint.
    What Marketers Can Learn From College-Matching Platform Naviance
    Naviance is empowering high school students and their parents with a lot of useful information that was previously only available to college counselors.
    John, Yoko -- And Hilton?
    Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Bed-in For Peace at the Hilton Amsterdam is part of the company's focus on its do-good heritage.
    Beyond The Screen: How Immersive Experiences Will Change Gaming
    What was once an industry dominated by specs and tech innovation is now led by immersive brand experiences.
    What Does Astronomy Have To Do With Client Service? 5 Unexpected Parallels
    By day, I'm a communications professional, but I have a deep passion for space and science, which helps me put life into perspective.
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