Consumers See Through Insincere Brand Activism -- So, Be Authentic
    Becoming purpose-driven will soon be table stakes, not simply a nice-to-have addition to business practices -- but do it right.
    The Proof Is In The Planning: Selecting Your Cross-Channel Media Mix
    With the average person exposed to over 4,000 ads a day, cross-channel strategies have become appealing to advertisers looking to reach people from all angles. But “doing” cross-channel and “doing it right” are two very different things.With the variety of “places” your audience could be, finding the right spot at the right time can get challenging. The key to simplifying this process is in the planning, mapping your media mix in a way that makes a big impact on consumers, without a big dent in your budget. Here’s a planning checklist to ensure this approach remains strategic, even as you …
    Inbound Marketing Commonly Fails In These 3 Cases
    For example, it's almost impossible to reach hard-to-reach people like CEOs with inbound marketing.
    Improving Personalization: AI, Trust, The Human Channel
    At the heart of the new era of marketing success is contextual personalization: building customized experiences that draw from known individual needs and preferences.
    How To Recycle Website Visitors With Retargeting Strategies
    According to a Forrester report, only a very meager percentage of your site's visits will result in a conversion. Luckily, you can still recapture these visitors.
    How Car Rental Behemoths Are Combating Industry Upheaval
    What are legacy car rental players doing to stay relevant, and what can they teach us?
    Relevance At Scale: Why It Matters For CPGs
    Today's digitally enabled consumers are constantly evaluating their purchasing decisions, and relevance is becoming the key brand differentiator.
    Death Of Car Use Among Younger Cohorts Has Been Greatly Exaggerated
    You may be surprised to learn that millennials account for 35% of those looking to purchase a vehicle this year.
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