• FTC Ad Rules In Tune With 'Mobile First' Mantra
    When the FTC released updated disclosure rules for online advertising this week, much of the coverage focused on the impact on social platforms like Twitter. But a more widespread effect of the FTC's new truth-in-advertising rules could come with disclosure standards applied to ads on mobile devices.
  • Google Targets Showroomers With Product Listing Ads
    Google further blurs the line among screens by extending its Product Listing Ad to mobile. But in this case the units have a specific context and function in mind -- the out-and-about shopper.
  • MTV Redux: Vevo Goes Live Across Screens
    Vevo turns the switch on a new live TV service that streams programmed fare all day to devices and set-top boxes. Now that we are all "multi-screen" and all, is it time for a once-discarded mobile video format to try again?
  • Purina App Super-Serves Dog Owners With Training Utility
    Talk about super-serving content marketing, Purina has been doing for decades the sort of thing that some brands only seem to be discovering. Offer invaluable information that communicates your shared passion and you become part of a community.
  • PayPal Offers Payment SDK To Mobile Developers
    PayPal continues its push to become a player in mobile payments by releasing a mobile SDK that lets developers add a buy button with five lines of code.
  • Trailerpop: Let You Entertain You
    Combining rewards, gaming, and the irresistible engagement of film content, Trailerpop launches a platform that shows us what marketing as entertainment can be.
  • How Up-Lifting Was That In-App Brand Campaign, After All?
    The familiar brand effect measurement regimen has been introduced into Nielsen's product mix. This is the year that mobile will have to measure up to expectations and begin issuing regular, reliable metrics around whether -- and how -- mobile advertising really works.
  • The Shelf Life of 'Native': Tumblr Joins the Mobile Tribe
    Tumblr joins the migration of 'native' ad formats from the Web to mobile.
  • In U.S. Ad Push, 'The Guardian' Mobilizes A Divided Nation
    'The Guardian' bows its first U.S. ad campaign with a decidedly mobile feature that provokes a very American reflex, voicing an opinion on the issues that famously divide us.
  • What's A Conversion? Accounting For The New Dance Of The Screens
    Expect to hear a lot about mobile "conversions" this year as marketers and ad platforms try to re-calibrate Web measurement for the realities of mobile use cases.
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