• Real-Time With JJ Eastwood, GM Of eBay Advertising Australia/New Zealand
    While the majority money in programmatic trades hands here in the United States, the overseas markets have undoubtedly caught on with the trend. After interviewing Jason Barnes from News Limited, and Martin van der Meij of De Telegraaf, RTM Daily brings you a third interview with a European publisher invested in real-time bidding (RTB). JJ Eastwood, GM of eBay Advertising in Australia and New Zealand, answered some questions for RTM Daily about the history of RTB at the company, what their tech stack looks like, where programmatic technologies are going to take the advertising industry as a whole, and more.
  • It's The DMP, Stupid
    If you want to understand how programmatic audience-buying is transforming the way television advertising is bought and sold, do not look to the litany of acronyms cluttering the advertising technology landscape -- focus on just one -- the DMP, because, you know, it's the data, stupid. It always was. But increasingly, it will be the platform people use to manage audience data that will determine who has the leverage in the TV advertising marketplace. Based on some recent trends, I'd say it's beginning to shift to the buy-side. And rightfully so, because for the last 75 years or so, TV …
  • Putting Humans First
    "When you get beyond 3,000, God knows what's in there. It must be horrifying." -Doug Conely, VP of product strategy and operations, Exponential Interactive. Currently my favorite quote. That quote from Conely is in reference to advertising on more than 3,000 sites. He poked fun at the notion that big always means better in a conversation I had with him this morning. He said he's heard advertisers boasting about running on hundreds of thousands of Web sites, and that he can't help but laugh when he hears stuff like that. With so much buzz surrounding ad tech, programmatic, machines, etc., …
  • Do You Prefer Hybrids, Or Do You Stand Alone? The Ultimate DMP Debate
    A few weeks ago, I had the chance to speak with Forrester's Principal Analyst Joanna O'Connell about a Wave report on data management platforms (DMPs). She asserted then that "the time is now" for DMPs. In follow up conversations with several people in the market, I have little doubt that O'Connell is right, but I think her statement failed to answer a bigger question: "What type of DMP?"
  • Using Programmatic To Improve The 80%: Real-Time With DataXu's Mukund Ramachandran
    DataXu, a programmatic marketing company, today announced that DataXu for Guaranteed Media is now globally available. The solution brings programmatic technology to the guaranteed space -- to the 80% of money being spent on non-biddable digital impressions. Mukund Ramachandran, DataXu's general manager, brands, tells RTM Daily that the guaranteed media solution is different from a private exchange or "programmatic direct" solution because it adds tools to use after a deal is complete. Ramachandran stresses the importance of improving the 80% by using the principles of programmatic rather than focusing solely on the 20%. But first he explains DataXu for Guaranteed …
  • Real-Time With Brian Gleason On New 'Xaxis TV' Platform
    GroupM's Xaxis unit this morning launched Xaxis TV, a new platform meant to bring traditional TV-like measurement to "broadcast quality" online video inventory. The company seems to have cleverly jumped on the TV-going-programmatic bandwagon with its naming of the platform, but all of the inventory on the platform will be digital. Essentially, Xaxis is creating a truly private premium exchange -- for GroupM clients only -- for digital video. RTM Daily spoke with Brian Gleason, the company's managing director, North America, about the new platform, why it's called "Xaxis TV" when it's really dealing with digital inventory, and what the …
  • If You Don't Read This Story, A Machine Will Take My Job
    The words you are about to read most likely were written by a machine. The people who built the machine say it can write better than a human -- in this case, me. And if the headline and opening of this article you have just read are among the ones written by their machine, then they were right -- and I may be out of a job very soon.
  • This Article Was Generated By A Machine
    Check this out: you are about to read a story that was probably created by a machine -- a machine that can allegedly, according to its creators, write better than humans, including myself. Are they right? Well, if the words you're reading right now are indeed among the ones their algorithm created, then this experiment is successful. So this human is soon getting fired.
  • First NFL Game Since Oreo Stamped 'Real-Time Marketing' - Who Will Try Tonight?
    In case you've been living under a rock and didn't know, the NFL season kicks off tonight with the Denver Broncos hosting the defending Super Bowl champs, the Baltimore Ravens. Tonight, brands won't just be talking fantasy football. They will be trying to emulate Oreo and get a piece of that real-time marketing pie. I can feel it. Who will it be?
  • What's A 'Data Scientist' Anyway? Real-Time With m6d's Claudia Perlich
    The term/position "data scientist" has become increasingly common, but it has still been unclear to me how someone becomes a data scientist, what it actually means, and what they evolved from. Of course, like most of the things I write about here in RTBlog and for RTM Daily, it's mostly new and I wanted to know more. So I figured who better to talk data science with than the now doused-in-awards Claudia Perlich?
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