• Let's All Go To The Movies, Again: CDC Guidance Boosts Cinema Outlook
    The cinema ad industry is preparing for a strong -- if not blockbuster -- Memorial Day weekend, following last week's guidance from the CDC that fully vaccinated Americans can return to indoor public places without their masks.
  • The Old Normal: Ad Execs Tip-Toe Back To In-Person Events
    By at least one important measure -- their plans to attend in-person industry events -- the sentiment of U.S. ad execs has improved markedly over the past couple of months.
  • From 'Mind-Numbing' To 'Bored To Death,' Digital Media Has An Image Problem
    On the heels of the Association of National Advertisers' announcement that it is embarking on a new study of the "mind-numbing" programmatic digital media marketplace, a new study suggests that digital media has a far deeper -- and higher up -- problem with corporate America. Specifically, in the C-suite.
  • Are You Ready For Some Inflation?
    The good news is that coming out of a global pandemic, demand for many goods and services is expanding. The bad news is that inflation may be too, including for the cost of advertising goods and services.
  • CTV 'Viewability' Beats All Other Digital Video, Lags Linear TV
    By at least one important quality measure -- so-called "viewability" -- connected TV ads are the top of the digital food chain.
  • Has COVID-19 Changed Brand Loyalty?
    The good news is nine out of ten Americans are loyal to at least a few brands a year after the COVID-19 pandemic. The bad news is we don't really know how their loyalty has changed because of it.
  • Trust Belt: Why We're Losing Confidence In Technology
    As consumers and industry pros become more reliant on technology than ever, we're also losing trust in it.
  • Why GroupM's Wieser Is Feeling So Stimulated
    The U.S. ad recovery is looking better with each new ad industry forecast update, but this weekend's revision by GroupM offers the most bullish adjustment to date, with total U.S. ad spending now projected to expand 9.1% this year, or nearly 15% after factoring out the effects of incremental political ad spending during 2020.
  • How Amazon's NFL Deal Could Redefine 'Prime' Time
    "It's Amazon's world, and other rights holders are living in it," GroupM Business Intelligence Global President Brian Wieser wrote in an analysis of the new NFL rights deals he sent over the weekend.
  • The COVID Bump
    If you want to understand what institutions people truly trust, pose an existential threat. That, more or less, is what a year of the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated, and now that it is being brought under some semblance of control, some of those institutions are seeing their role as trusted information providers erode along with it -- especially media and brands.
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