• Why Mary Meeker Kills Radio's Star
    "If time-money gaps correct themselves, what about radio?" says GroupM's Brian Wieser. "The time-as-a-driver-of-spending argument really falls apart in the weakness of investment in radio."
  • Duration Weighting Shouldn't Be Controversial. What We Do With It Could Well Be
    If you ask me, that's where the real controversy should begin -- not with the duration-weighted impression, or common denominator -- but how value is assigned to them, because that's where the winners and losers will be made.
  • Facebook's Libra May Rally Madison Avenue's Interest In Cryptocurrencies
    Watch for interest in cryptocurrencies to spike this week in the media industry, if not the ad biz as Facebook releases a white paper outlining its plans for investors and other stakeholders. The coin, which reportedly will be called "Libra," is expected to be backed by a consortium of financial and transactional partners, including Mastercard, PayPal, Uber, Visa and other members of The Libra Association.
  • It's The Data, Stupid
    As the rate of expansion of programmatic media-buying begins to decelerate, the focus is shifting to how vs. how much. That's the conclusion of the 2019 edition of the latest edition of Magna's semi-annual "Programmatic Report." Yes, the report continues to size the growth of the programmatic marketplace, noting that while it continues to expand at double-digit rates, it will only expand 18% this year vs. multiples of that only a few years ago.
  • Programmatic Becomes The Dominant Source Of Digital Political Media Buys
    In what appears to be a political media-buying first, the majority of digital buys made during the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections were bought programmatically.
  • Food For Thought: How Data Changes What, When, Where, Why And For How Long You Eat
    MALAGA, SPAIN -- I have seen the future of real-time data-based marketing, and it's inside a restaurant that will be opening in downtown Los Angeles in a few weeks. The restaurant, which will be operated by Stockholm-based hospitality design firm Livit, is the 2.0 version of a living test lab it has been operating in Sweden for the past two years, and the most remarkable thing they both serve isn't culinary, it's data.
  • Live From Malaga, It's A Week-Long Dive Into Data Marketing
    MALAGA, SPAIN -- Hola. I'm on assignment this week covering the I-COM Global Data Summit here, so keep an eye out over the next several days for some real-time coverage of presentations, roundtables and hackathons as some of the world's top marketers and marketing data scientists discuss the "race to the direct customer relationship."
  • Why Martech Is Overtaking Ad Tech
    Ad tech has hit the wall and has even begun to erode as marketers and agencies shift their focus to marketing technology solutions.
  • The Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Massacre
    For a generation raised on massive multiplayer shooter games, the combination of real-time social-sharing and toxic dehumanizing rhetoric is creating a new media form altogether: a massive hate crime in which spectators become vicarious participants of a twisted new esport that targets all of us.
  • Ad Pros Report Personal Decline In Social Media Usage, Cite Data Concerns
    One of the not-so-surprising things I learned from Advertiser Perceptions' benchmark study of the role "trust" is playing in media planning and buying decisions, especially the digital kind, is how ad execs relate to the topic on a personal basis. Among other things, the study asked advertisers and agencies how their own personal use of social media platforms has been trending, and given what those insiders know about them, you also may not be surprised to learn it's heading south -- significantly.
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