• In Midst Of Virus Crisis, Dem Debaters Go Elbow To Elbow
    Biden and Sanders kept their distance Sunday night in a televised debate that was like no other.
  • Disruptive Social Networks Have Long Been With Us: Historian
    There is much to chew on and absorb in historian Niall Ferguson's fascinating new documentary series for PBS.
  • Studios Might Be Empty, But Home Audiences Will Just Get Bigger
    The thing that TV can always count on is this: In good times or bad, people will still watch television.
  • Future Is Bleak In TV's Near-Future Sci-Fi Dramas
    The shows' common theme is: The highly technological world just a few years distant from our own is almost never a happy place.
  • Let's Hope Upfront Cancellations Are A One-Time Thing
    Few industries would seem to be unaffected by the Coronavirus -- so why not television?
  • Death Rides 'The Pale Horse' In An Agatha Christie Mystery
    The image of a pale horse whose rider is Death comes primarily from the New Testament, Revelations chapter 6, verse 8.
  • Safety-Conscious Daredevil Walks Tightrope Over Chasm Of Complaints
    Couch potatoes were quick to criticize daredevil Nik Wallenda for having the gall to wear a safety harness as he crossed a live volcano on a tightrope on ABC.
  • What A Week: Politics, Pandemic And Chris Matthews Too
    Writing on the subject of sexual harassment can give a columnist the sensation of walking into a minefield.
  • In New Tech Drama 'Devs,' The Devil Is In The Details
    The new FX drama series "Devs" elevates the culture of a mysterious Silicon Valley tech company to the level of pagan religion and positions its enigmatic founder as prophet and deity.
  • Aloha, '0': Another 'Hawaii Five-0' In 2050 Seems Unlikely
    The new "Hawaii Five-0" is ending its run on April 3. Will there ever be another?
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