People Matter; Marketing Channels Don't
    What matters more to your B2C business, a new customer buying your product, or the new marketing channel that brought in the new customer?
    3 Key Tactics To Attract Millennial, Gen Z Brand Ambassadors
    Most marketers don't understand how to attract Millennial and Generation Z consumers to become brand advocates to friends and family.
    4 Steps To Taking A Vertical Leap
    Companies enter new verticals for a variety of reasons. Taking your product or service to a new customer base can be a viable way to drive revenue or diversify revenue streams. It is also a strategic way to gain an edge over competition and increase market share.
    Safeguard Your Brand In M&A
    Mergers and acquisitions done right can offer companies tremendous opportunities for growth. They can also be a complicated, messy time for brands. Building an effective, merged business is a high-risk act of undoing existing assumptions-for employees, for customers, for investors, and others. In this time of flux, brand equity must be managed strategically, clearly and consistently.
    Content That Works: Generation Z
    Every new generation presents a different set of challenges for marketers. Today, we're setting our sights on Generation Z, the largest and most diverse generation to date. Born between 1995 and 2015, the oldest Gen Zer is turning 23. Yet, studies suggest that, in two short years, they will account for 40% of all consumers, "Fast Company" finds. Key to a marketer's success in the years to come will be understanding the behaviors and motivations of this demographic.
    6 Keys To Growth: Lessons Learned From The Success Of Reddit, Quora
    In the competitive online market for information and "info-tainment," two recent success stories stand out: Reddit and Quora. Our data show that both are big sites experiencing big growth.
    Payment Terms Are The Hidden Wrench In Digital Advertising
    3G capital, the investor behind many large CPG brands, started imposing 120-day payment terms with vendors in 2008. Today, many brands have adopted the same span between service provided and cash paid. All sorts of supply chain vendors have felt the pinch. For the digital advertising industry, the pain is particularly agonizing because it stops the flow of cash in the programmatic markets, which transact in real time, using minute detail and billions of data points.
    The No.1 Trait Of The Modern Marketer: Being Tech Savvy
    There are thousands of technology solutions available to us marketers today. Solutions have been developed to respond to almost any challenge marketers face, and technology has become a marketer's most effective tool.
    4 Best Digital Practices For Hispanic Marketing
    If you learn one thing from this article, let it be the importance of being culturally relevant to your target audience - a principle that holds true for every demographic. The language you use, the content you choose and even the placement of your advertisements should all be the result of careful consideration of the values that are important to your audience; only then will you reach them successfully.
    Marketing To Women In An Age Of #MeToo
    There has never been a more opportune time for marketers to reach women. The interest in #MeToo and issues such as pay disparity have moved to the front and center. Companies and organizations are creating and leveraging new hashtags such as #HereWeAre #PressforProgress, #InternationalWomensDay and that highlight their commitment to gender equality.
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