Sustainability: The New Communications Imperative
    Eco-consciousness got a boost in 2017, fueled by events ranging from the debate over U.S. participation in the Paris climate accord to the viral video of a starving polar bear. U.S. Millennials, long recognized as the most sustainability-conscious generation, are growing even more sensitive to the issue, and a 2017 sustainability study by The Hartman Group found that the number of consumers across all segments who prioritize sustainability purchasing is up significantly. For many CPG brands, the question is no longer whether to start communicating their commitment to sustainability, but how. Here are some thought starters for consideration.
    'National Geographic's Marketing Secret To Surviving, Thriving After 129 Years
    What separates a flash-in-the-pan brand from a 129-year-old national treasure? Story.
    #PressForProgress In Travel Marketing
    The #PressForProgress campaign is inevitably affecting the marketing of travel, an industry where women have long been the decision makers, whether as consumers or travel professionals. A recent example was the hiring of Wendy White as vice president of marketing for Egencia, the corporate travel arm of Expedia.
    The Limits Of Ads.txt As A Fraud-Fighting Tool
    The IAB's Ads.txt initiative is a worthwhile endeavor in helping advertisers ensure that they are only buying ad inventory from the publishers they intend to. Of particular note is just how successful the push for Ads.txt adoption has been thus far, with soaring adoption rates and some trade groups going so far as to say that Ads.txt adoption will be the only way to receive certain certifications.
    The New Age of Sampling
    "Hey Alexa, can I have a free Chobani?" Yes, said Chobani. Through a multi-channel marketing and sampling campaign, the company estimates it will give away 10 million yogurt products in honor of its 10th anniversary. That's a lot of free yogurt, but Chobani, like a few other companies, recognizes the loyalty-driving power of trial and its ability to build customer loyalty.
    Got A B2B Website? Localize It For Spanish-Speaking Business Owners
    Hispanic-owned businesses represent one of the fastest-growing segments of the U.S. economy right now. Most Hispanics are fluent in Spanish, and often speak the language with their peers and customers. Yet, B2B web content isn't translated into Spanish nearly as often as it should be.
    The New Role Of Marketing
    Advertising is always changing. Remember when UX was all the rage, along with its little brother, UI? Then they kind of merged and created the monster of CX? And everyone decided they needed CX expertise? If you don't remember that, then you're not paying attention. Because CX has subsumed every other type of acronym in the world of advertising right now.
    AdWords Changes Rules for Resellers; Here Are The Pros, Cons
    Google recently adjusted the rules for ticket resellers that are advertising on AdWords, and the ticketing industry is quickly trying to adjust. Resellers are scrambling to meet these new certifications because AdWords is crucial for revenue.
    Why Millennial Health Care Expectations Matter
    Health care marketers need to know one important fact: Millennials don't care about your health care system. At all.
    Improving Hispanic Patient Outcomes Via Consistent Messaging
    The brand team for Genentech's Nutropin injectable human growth hormone was mystified. One-third of all prescriptions was for Hispanic children but non-Hispanic children had better, more consistent outcomes.
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