CPG Brands Need to Find Their Voice
    Consumer behavior is always changing, but in the connected world the pace of change is accelerating. It's a world where digital technology has seen convenience, instant gratification and personalized experiences become the norm.
    From Numbers To Narrative: Understanding Customer Journeys With Enriched Data
    In a world teeming with large and diverse sets of data, the ongoing challenge for many organizations is to manage this data effectively. Without the right framework in place, siloed data could mean missing out on the opportunities that proper data management can create.
    First-price Auctions Aren't the Best Solution For Publishers Or Brands, Especially When It Comes To Video
    Second-price auctions have been the unquestioned auction model in online advertising since the rise of Google paid search. However, they have rapidly been giving way to first-price auctions in many programmatic ad exchanges, largely due to the fragmentation of demand and complexity of multiple auctions occurring prior to the final ad server decision.
    A New Story: Reinvent Digital Marketing For The New Consumer Relationship
    We've all seen this play out in life: There's the popular, interesting friend-the reason everyone comes to the party-and the sidekick, the one everyone tolerates because they pick up the tab. This is also the story of media. Media companies (and social media platforms) are the cool friends who attract the audience. Brands pick up the tab in order to be included in that experience.
    The Power Of AI Consumer Insights
    When you think of artificial intelligence (AI), what's the first thing that comes to mind? If you're a marketer, you may fear that it will take away from the essential human element of marketing. Or, that this up-and-coming technology will soon replace jobs or eventually make the roles of marketing analysts entirely obsolete.
    Taking It To The Streets: 5 Success Strategies From The New Wave Of DTC Brands
    For lack of a better phrase, brands and retailers have always been "frenemies." They need each other. Retailers need products to sell, and brands have said products that need distribution. But they often have competing interests, and battle in a zero-sum war over the same pot of consumer dollars spent in a category.
    The Battle Against Ad Fraud: It's All About Performance
    Being "brand safe" is table stakes. The real promise is verified results.
    Back To The Future -- Or, Sometimes What's Old Can Be New Again
    March has always been one of my favorite sports months, because March means college basketball and it also portends the coming of baseball season. It's a time when hope springs eternal, as the endless array of possibilities can manifest themselves in a Cinderella story around March Madness as well as the promise and blind optimism that engulfs every baseball fan, looking for that magical season.
    Branding Lessons From 'The Godfather'
    "Bouna sera, bouna sera," lamented Vito Corleone in the opening scene of "The Godfather." After being asked to murder for money by his Italian undertaker acquaintance, Don Corleone emotionally replies to his petitioner in Italian, signifying his deep disappointment. This dialogue detail from "The Godfather" highlights that people instinctively react in their native tongues when mining the depths of emotion. New insights suggest that director Francis Ford Coppola's intuition on the use of Italian dialogue here is backed by social psychiatry, and unconscious vs. conscious brain processes. Brands would be wise to understand why.
    Politics, Shopping And How To Avoid A Brand Boycott
    It's 2018 and, even though its early in the year, people are already starting to talk about what November will hold for the mid-term Congressional elections. While outcomes could significantly affect our environment, healthcare and many more important points, elections and politics also influence shopping behavior. Shoppers have seen their boycotts and social media activism change the way brands are operating. They are becoming aware of their power, and that should put all brands on notice.
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