Hispanics And America's Pastime
    Soccer may be the sport most commonly associated with Hispanics, but it's far from the only one that captures their interest. Almost one-third of all professional baseball players in the United States are Hispanic, so it's little surprise that the sport's Latino fan base is continuing to grow.
    Big Tech: An Ounce Of Disruption
    Times they are a-changing in healthcare. The system is incented to help prevent illness and maintain health for economic reasons, yet hospitals and pharma don't make money on prevention. This necessitates a paradigm shift. Enter consumer technology giants who have infrastructures to build on, with the potential to fill many unmet needs in the health landscape. There's endless potential to change the broken healthcare system before there's even a diagnosis, by driving healthier behaviors with prevention.
    In The Eyes Of The Influencer: How To Build Brand Relationships That Work
    To build mutually beneficial relationships with influencers, it's critical to understand their perspectives. Two successful men's lifestyle influencers shared with us what matters most to them in long-term brand relationships.
    Fraud-blocking Solutions As An Antibiotic - Overuse And You Lose
    Ad fraud is costing advertisers far too much money to ignore; $19 billion in 2018, or 9% of total digital advertising spend according to Juniper Research. As a result, everyone is scrambling to find the ultimate mix of processes and tools that will ensure ads are seen by real people.
    First (And Last) Impression Units Rise In Popularity As Smart TV Adoption Soars
    For advertisers, the peak era of broadcast television was like driving up and down the densely populated corridor of the Eastern Seaboard looking for places to get gas or eat a meal. Waves and waves of viewers were continuously reachable through traditional 30-second ads. But the advent of streaming - and the rise of non-ad supported models - has taken the advertising industry westward, into the wild unknown.
    How Brands, Media Planners Miss Out On Mid-, Lower-funnel Auto Campaign Strategy
    As auto brands struggle against unrelenting pressure to meet margins and adapt to the massive impact digital technology has had on the consumer purchasing journey, the role of the media planner as a visionary strategist and creative has never been more critical in the arms race to sell cars.
    Trademark Considerations When Building A Brand
    The word "brand" is used broadly as a business buzzword. Comprised of a company or product name, a brand acts as a reassuring signpost for consumers in a busy marketplace, signaling a trusted source and consistent level of quality.
    Brands Building Real-Life Connections With Increasingly Isolated Consumers
    There was a recent time when we thought that brands like Tom's and Bombas had it all figured out - giving back in a clear way that consumers could understand, making those socially conscious Millennials feel good about their purchase. Even Patagonia, with its environmentally sound practices and zenith-level employee benefits (e.g., sabbaticals to do "good") was held up as a conscious, cause-based pillar. But while these are definitely examples to which brands can aspire, it may not be enough anymore.
    The Power Of Hispanic Women
    Hispanic women are a force to be reckoned with. This isn't news, exactly, but rather a statement of the growing power, both culturally and economically, that they wield. As Latinas continue to advance in their careers and increase their buying power, that influence is sure to grow.
    Upfronts 2018: 4 Takeaways For Marketers Looking To Reach The Hispanic Market
    Coming out of the upfronts hosted this year by Univision and Azteca America-the largest and third-largest Spanish-language networks in the U.S., respectively-I walked away inspired and more informed about how marketers can improve their Hispanic marketing efforts.
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