Got Cultural Intelligence?
    One common mistake marketers make when it comes to multicultural marketing is thinking it's all about language. It's not.
    Best Practices For Partnerships In The Travel Space
    Partnerships and affiliate relationships can help travel marketers grow travel brand awareness and loyalty, and acquire new customers.
    Creative (As We Know It) Is Dead
    Now we can finally start holding creative teams accountable for delivering campaigns with impact.
  • Let's Keep Influencer Marketing Accountable
    One of the top challenges facing influencer marketing is one common across the entire arena of digital marketing: brand safety. At this year’s Cannes Lions, Unilever’s Chief Marketing Officer Keith Weed warned that influencer marketing has an integrity issue. The proliferation of fake followers, aided and abetted by a lack of transparency and proper measurement reporting, threatens to destabilize the entire industry. Weed warned that the industry must take “urgent action now to rebuild trust before it’s gone forever,” and he pledged that Unilever’s brands will never buy followers nor work with influencers who buy followers. …
    The Importance Of Brand In A Changing Talent Landscape
    Organizations must use the power of their internal brand champions to remain relevant in a competitive job marketplace.
    Recognizing Multicultural Diversity Within Hispanic Audience
    "Hispanic" actually encompasses a large group who come from different backgrounds, have different cultural traditions, and even speak different variations of the same language.
    Catering To Digital Mindsets
    Traditional personas give you an incomplete picture of user behavior. Adding intent and context unlocks a user's mindset, for a deeper understanding of user behavior.
    Raising Helvetica
    Let's take a look at the typeface trends that have earned their place as the visual voice of 2018.
    How CMOs Can Keep Their Jobs
    The average tenure of a Chief Marketing Officer is 44 months, and the number of first-time CMOs jumped 31% in the past year. What's the deal?
    Inside the Disconnect Between Pharma Marketers And Boomers
    In 2018, TV ads simply can't do all of the heavy lifting for consumers age 50+, who use 18 different resources of healthcare information, among them several print resources.
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