Marketers, Take Note: Young Voters Drove Biden Victory
    By following the Biden playbook, almost every brand can win the vote with young adults -- aviator shades optional.
  • Marketers, Take Note: COVID Coverage Drives U.S. Adults To Univision News
    Univision News has become the leader in viewership growth, according to Nielsen reports.
  • Marketing To Keep Destinations Top-Of-Mind
    For example, strategists for one destination, Baltimore, see this period as an opportunity to address misperceptions.
    Sports Saturation? To Everything, There Is A Season
    A majority of fans agree that "there's so much sports in season now, I'm having trouble keeping up with everything."
    Fewer Blacks, Asians, Identify With Being American
    We asked respondents to rate a series of statements regarding their American identity in August of 2019 and again in October 2020, and here's what we found.
  • D2C Or B2C? How To Decide And Adapt
    Many B2C businesses are adding a D2C channel to their business. Some businesses are favoring D2C marketing exclusively due to higher margins.
    3 Tech-Driven Tips For Retailers To Avoid Black Friday Blues
    For one, what if retailers could add an online element of useful facts to push consumers to make that purchase while in-store?
    With Home As Center of Everything, Brands Must Be First Place Experts
    "There's no place like home" took on a whole new meaning when COVID-19 hit.
    There Will Be No Return To 'Normal'
    For marketers, employers, parents and elected officials, the message is clear: Whatever assumptions we had operated under before March 2020 have been obliterated.
    Forecasting In The Time Of COVID-19
    The pandemic was a textbook example of the kind of exogenous shock that can wreak havoc on existing forecasting models trained on historical data.
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