TikTok Now Influencing Influencer Marketing
    Creators who have defined the space are giving marketers a refreshed perspective on what the future of influencer marketing could look like.
    How To Drive Meaningful Sales On TikTok
    With campaigns starting at $50 per day, it's accessible for most marketers.
    Marketers, Take Note: Emoji Meanings Are Changing
    For example, a baseball cap emoji is a new iteration of a community-specific term in hip hop that means "lie" or "BS."
    A Call For Intergenerational Marketing
    Surely this is a tipping point where we get to explore the connections, not the gaps, in our culture and shared passions.
  • Navigating Today's Hot-Button Issues With Consumer Insights
    Looking at vaccine hesitancy among QSR customers, Panera, Starbucks and Pizza Hut customers top the list when it comes to vaccine readiness,
    Consumer Mindsets Matter: Understanding The Why Behind The Buy
    Brands can't inspire long-term loyalty if they don't know their audience members' interests and motivations.
    'Say My Name': How To Increase Brand Recognition In Audio Advertising
    Nine out of the 10 highest-indexing audio logos include the brand's name in the spot.
  • Get Off The Marketing Crash Diet And Think Long-Term
    Too much of today's marketing simply creates short-term behavior change by way of paid media spend, promotions, coupons, etc.
    Fueling The Desire To Disrupt
    You can shove, spend and howl about your will and determination to change, but I guarantee you, nothing will shift if you don't have collective support.
    Effective Ecommerce Requires Thoughtful Investment
    Free delivery/returns isn't always easy to achieve -- though cited as top reason for buying online by 60% of respondents in GlobalWebIndex study.
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