• If The World And Enterprises Are Programmable, What Does That Make Us Humans?
    API platform provider Apigee today launched the Apigee Institue, a research organization Apigee hopes will help Global 2000 companies in the app economy. The Institue will release monthly research notes. The first note, "Programmable World, Programmable Enterprise," became available today. I asked Bryan Kirschner, director of the Apigee Institute, what their definition of "programmable" was in this sense - as we all know that anything with a "program" prefix in the advertising world typically means automation. In this case, it doesn't mean automation, but Apigee's "Programmable World, Programmable Enterprise" note hits the nail on the head as to what advertising ...
  • TV Goes Real-Time (Via The Web)
    TV is going real-time. Yeah, I know that seems a little ironic, but think about it. TV has never really been distributed in real-time. Even live broadcasts are subject to the so-called "seven second delay" (a.k.a. the profanity delay, because broadcast licensees are subject to hefty fines from the FCC if they let an F-bomb fly, or a wardrobe malfunction live, in real-time). Even cable and satellite TV transmissions are subject to all sorts of latencies due to various gizmos, gadgets, set-tops, and servers, and the reality is that even when some cast member or host utters "Live From New ...
  • 4As Policy Goes Native, Taps GroupM Interaction's Montgomery
    Madison Avenue has been trying to get real about digital for a while now, but I think its time has finally come. The reason I say this, is an announcement this afternoon naming John Montgomery chairman of the American Association of Advertising Agencies' influential Media Policy Committee. The appointment is telling for several reasons. One is that Montgomery, COO of WPP's GroupM Interaction unit, is the first pure-play digital native executive to hold the post. Another reason is that the policy committee is one of only four "board" level committees at the 4As, and carries a lot of weight in ...
  • RTB Market Slows Down In April
    After back-to-back months of increases in spend and impressions, both the global and U.S. RTB markets dipped in April, according to data from Rubicon Project's real-time marketplace app. On the global scale, spend and impressions were down 7% and 2%, respectively. In the U.S., spend was also down 7%, while impressions dropped 6% compared to March 2013. Ushering in baseball season and spring fashion, Style & Fashion (24%) and Sports (22%) had the largest increases in spend. Sports was also 13th in impressions, its highest ranking in the past year.
  • How's No Growth, Is That Slow Enough For You?
    Digital ad spending "decelerated only slightly" during the first quarter, according to new estimates released this morning by a highly regarded ad tracker -- Pivotal Research Group's Brian Wieser -- but the big story is that once you strip out the performance of the online industry's biggies (Google and Facebook), there was "no growth for old display" advertising. Actually, that's not a deceleration. It's more like a cold stop. When Wieser did a similar analysis for calendar year 2012, he found total online display grew 3.8% after stripping Google and Facebook out. Why is this fodder for RTBlog? Well, Wieser ...
  • Are Current Technologies Truly Capable Of Data Wrangling?
    I was invited to watch a Festival of Media Global 2013 panel called "Algorithm Versus Man" via a Google+ Hangout, but unfortunately the panel time was changed while I was still asleep here in the United States. A week later, the panel was made available to me via Dropbox. So much for being able to watch in real-time with today's technology. Oddly enough, what today's technology is truly capable of was a major focus on the panel.
  • Trading Desk Trades Places: Varick To Service Sell-Side Too
    Is it just me, or are the lines between buyer and seller blurring in the programmatic marketplace? First Rubicon Project goes fully neutral, launching a spate of products aimed at the demand-side. Now a major agency trading desk is planning to diversify its services to the sell-side.
  • Real-Time With DataXu's Catanzaro On The Inaugural Consumer Index Report
    Programmatic marketing solutions provider DataXu today released its Consumer Index, a new quarterly report on cross-market consumer behavior trends and purchasing patterns. DataXu claims the inaugural report looks at data from "hundreds of advertisers and millions of consumers" from three industries: automotive, retail, and financial services. The data in the report comes from the United States, and the report asks what consumers in each industry typically do for a living, what kind of content they consume, and even what kind of food they eat. Some of the findings weren't too surprising. For example, real estate, finance, and insurance professionals were ...
  • Checking In With The RTB Marketplace
    According to data from Rubicon Project's real-time marketplace app, the real-time advertising space grew for the second straight month. As far as data about real-time advertising goes, this information did not even come close to being available in real-time (it's March 2013 data). Regardless, it gives solid insight into the real-time marketplace both globally and in the United States. In the U.S., there was a 29% increase in spend in March compared to February. There was also a whopping 34% increase in impressions, while eCPM dropped 4%. Globally, spend was up 30%. Impressions (27%) and eCPM (2%) were also up.
  • The Great Pre-Trender: HuffPo Algorithm Identifies News Memes Before They Happen
    When we launched this column some months ago, I explained our mission by citing examples of innovative real-time marketing being developed by agencies --not just in reaching audiences -- but in telling them stories. One of them was Digitas' "BrandLive" initiative, which created a real-time "newsroom" for clients such as Procter & Gamble. And in that real-time spirit, I can tell you that even as you read this blog, Arianna Huffington is standing on a Manhattan stage telling a roomful of advertisers and agencies about a new "brand as newsroom solution" The Huffington Post has developed exclusively for Digitas' BrandLive. ...
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