• New Programmatic Quiz: Have You Gotten Smarter?
    In late September we shared with you a programmatic quiz that video SSP Altitude Digital issued, and 2,200+ quizzes later, the results are in. The average score was 75%, and fewer than 5% of quiz takers got a perfect score. You can test your programatic knowledge again today, as another SSP -- Improve Digital -- has issued its own quiz.
  • New Technology Is Here To Save Your Impressions From Other Technology
    Video supply-side platform Altitude Digital has beefed up its platform with new technology that it says can recover "lost" impressions to resend them to demand-side partners. The technology, which Altitude Digital is calling AIR (advanced impression recovery), monitors real-time data to find impressions that could be "lost" due to "inefficiencies" or "errors" as the impression moves down the chain, the company claims.
  • Brands Breaking Programmatic Taboo
    From major ad buyers shunning open ad exchanges to the subsequent rise of programmatic direct technologies and private marketplaces, a lot has happened in the programmatic space in 2014. Among the most significant of trends, however, is the simple fact that "major ad buyers" are now often included in today's conversations about programmatic. It appears that a corner has been turned, and today, some of the largest ad tech providers in the world are speaking directly to brands.
  • Google AdX Tops RTB Quality Index
    Despite a recent study from Google noting that 56.1% of all impressions served on its display platforms (including Google and DoubleClick) are not viewable, Google still tops the chart when it comes to RTB quality -- at least according to one analytics provider. Pixalate, an analytics platform for programmatic advertisers, this week released the "Global Seller Trust Index," which ranks 400 sellers by quality of ads sold via RTB.
  • On Understatements, Exaggerations And Billions Of Dollars Lost To Fraud
    A new report from the Association of National Advertisers and White Ops notes that global advertisers could lose $6.3 billion to bots in 2015, if current bot rates continue. Again, that is not a "here is the worst case scenario" report. It's a "here is what you are on pace for" warning.
  • Why 'Programmatic' Is The Word Of The Year
    According to an ANA (Association of National Advertisers survey), "programmatic" was voted the word of the year. The result is not all that surprising, and perhaps more interesting are the reasons voters gave for voting for "programmatic."
  • Real-Time With TubeMogul CMO Eadie On New Programmatic TV Platform
    TubeMogul this week launched a self-serve software platform for programmatic TV ad buying. The company partnered with major programmatic TV supply-side platforms (SSPs) including WideOrbit, AudienceXpress, clypd and placemedia to launch the platform. Real-Time Daily spoke with Keith Eadie, CMO of TubeMogul, about the new platform.
  • Everyone, Even Google, Has a Viewability Problem
    Google released a new study this week that found that 56.1% of all impressions served on its display platforms -- including Google and DoubleClick -- are not viewable. It needs to be clarified that the numbers are not just from Google's own network. The report includes data from all DoubleClick users, who may simply be using Google as an ad tech provider (i.e. not buying Google's inventory). "This is based on a very significant sample size, not just on our own network," a Google representative said. Even still, not everyone was happy to see the figures in Google's latest report.
  • 'Algorithms That Learn' Catching Up To Personally Identifiable Information
    The ability to run cross-device campaigns has become a staple promise of programmatic ad tech providers, but matching the devices in a privacy-friendly manner -- i.e. knowing that Smartphone A user is indeed the same as Desktop A user without using personally identifiable information -- has been cross-device's "yeah but" roadblock. But Tapad, a cross-device marketing tech provider, this week made an announcement that may change the way marketers view probabilistic modeling.
  • AOL Squeezing More Tech Into 'ONE' Platform
    AOL isn't done making video the crown jewel of its programmatic ad offerings. Vidible's tech will be integrated into "ONE by AOL," the forthcoming programmatic ad platform made up of all of AOL's existing ad tech. But will AOL's latest acquisition push the launch of its highly anticipated platform back?
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