• Education Is Needed To Combat Fake News
    The topic of fake news has taken up much bandwidth in recent months, and it doesn't appear to be going off into the sunset so quickly. Last week Facebook said it would demote Web pages that carry low quality advertising, and it's likely more such moves will occur.
  • The Weather Company Partners With LiveRamp On Audience Segments
    The Weather Company rolled out a partnership with LiveRamp, through which marketers have access to expansive audience segments informed in real-time by up to 2.2 billion location data points every 15 minutes.
  • Brand Safety Emerges As A Big Theme Of NewFronts
    NewFronts have preoccupied many industry stakeholders this week. One key theme that's emerging in these talkfests is brand safety -- and by extension, poor quality inventory, fake news, and transparency. Furthermore, platforms like YouTube (Google) and Facebook are confronting these issues in a different way from publishers.
  • Dads Are More Emotional Than Moms When Watching Video Ads
    Mother's Day is coming up this weekend -- but new research finds that dads are actually more emotional than moms. Unruly's Parents Playbook study also revealed that dads overindex across all devices and are more likely to buy when watching video ads.
  • Audience ID Use To Grow To 58% Of Online Ad Spend By 2020
    A new report estimates cross-device audience ID matching will be used in 58% of online ad spend in the U.K. by 2020, compared with 28% in 2016, according to the report from Yahoo and Enders Analysis.
  • Study Finds Social Platforms Preferred As Video Ad Partners
    A new study on digital video found that 68% of participants believe social platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter, are the most important partners for digital video campaigns, vs. video platforms like YouTube.
  • Is This The End Of Advertising As We Know It?
    Forrester analysts contend that people have always been angry at advertising, and that CMOs will move as much as $2.9 billion away from display advertising in the next year.
  • Report: Ad Blocking Hasn't Slowed In The U.S., Asia, Germany, Argentina
    Ad blocking and ad fraud are among the topics GroupM tackles in its annual "Interaction" report dubbed "This Year, Next Year.".The media planning and buying giant looks at a number of global market trends in the digital advertising ecosystem and offers its take on them.
  • IAB Study: 80% Of Marketers Set To Spend More On Original Digital Video
    The Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) fourth annual video ad spend study found that advertiser investment in original digital video programming has nearly doubled over the past two years, with 80% of brand and agency executives planning to spend even more on original digital video this year.
  • Survey Finds 41% Of Consumers Rarely Trust The Ads They're Shown
    Are consumers getting used to poor quality advertising? It seems so. A new survey polled consumers to find 41% of respondents said that they rarely trust the ads they're shown, and 54% believe that less than half the ads they see are accurate. And 34% of respondents reported having "negative" feelings toward online digital advertising, 50% reported having "negative" feelings toward mobile ads, and 81% would rather be shown ads on their computer than their smartphone.
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