• Lost In The Supermarket? On TV, This Is Not The Case
    A groundswell of interest in a revival of the old "Supermarket Sweep" shopping-aisle game show was easy to miss because there was none.
  • For Chimps On TV, Evolution Is Ongoing
    Disney+ has a winner with "Meet the Chimps," a reality show about chimpanzees living out their lives at a sprawling chimp sanctuary in Louisiana.
  • Hulu's 'Helstrom': Devil May Care, But You Will Not
    Hell is 56 minutes of watching "Helstrom," the new demonic-possession drama that starts streaming Friday on Hulu.
  • TCM Host Gets TV's Highest Honor As 'Simpsons' Guest Voice
    Few achievements in the TV business can surpass the honor of being invited to provide a guest voice to "The Simpsons."
  • Hard To Be Positive As TV, Showbiz Take COVID Hit
    When or if the pandemic ever ends, will TV come back the same as before, or has it been damaged or changed now beyond repair?
  • Past, Present And Future: Our World According To Television
    TV's evident jitters about our contemporary world are not unfounded, since many of us are feeling jittery today.
  • New 'Right Stuff' Is Old Story About Old Glory
    Somebody made a TV miniseries about the space program and Ron Howard and Tom Hanks had nothing to do with it.
  • NBC's 'Connecting...' Tries To Make Sense Of World In Quarantine
    A new series premiering Thursday on NBC attempts to both reflect and define aspects of our new lives in the era of COVID-19.
  • CW's 'Swamp Thing': Something Fishy This Way Comes
    This show represents the second time that the DC comic book series has been made into a TV series.
  • Fox Debuts 'Next' Big Thing In High-Tech Drama
    A new drama series about out-of-control artificial intelligence software can take its place among the best of these kinds of TV shows.
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