• Eyeview Raises $20M, Personalizes Video Ads
    The company's video targeting platform dynamically inserts personalized messages with help from data seeped in machine learning and AI, along with about $70 million in total funding from Qumra Capital, Innovation Endeavors, Nauta Capital, Gemini Israel Ventures and Israel Secondary Fund.
  • Reporter's Notebook: How Data Management Has Changed
    Data has become an industry challenge -- not just how it's used, but where it comes from and how it gets parsed. A study by Kantar Millward Brown, titled "It's Time To Think Of Disruption As A Growth Opportunity," points out that most established brands operate in a comfort zone of business as usual - existing practices and protocols keep budgets inflexible.
  • Marketers Struggle With Tying Data To AI Systems
    Data supported by artificial intelligence has become an essential part of campaigns, yet marketers still struggle to deliver better experiences for consumers. One reason for integrating data with AI is to reduce the time it takes to find the nuances within the data, but executives agree there are gaps in technology that fail to connect data and provide one view of a consumer record that includes their likes and dislikes.
  • IAB Tech Lab To Strengthen Data's Worth
    David Justus, Lotame vice president and IAB Tech Lab Data Transparency Standards Working Group co-chair, provides a glimpse into the possibilities made available through the IAB Tech Lab's framework for the labeling system announced about a month ago.
  • Schlage Takes Innovative Programmatic Media-Buying Approach To TV
    When The Basement became Schlage's agency of record in 2017, it transitioned the door hardware brand's ad-buying strategy from traditional linear TV to programmatic, resulting in a year-over-year sales growth of about 30% online and more than 9% in stores.
  • Behavioral Targeting For Health Care Takes Twist To Prove ROI
    Tomorrow Networks has developed a way to measure its pharmaceutical clients' campaigns that goes beyond traditional digital metrics, which the company's executives believes will work in other industries.
  • Identifying Travel Patterns Improves Ad Targeting For Other Categories
    If you market to travelers, which many marketers do, considering lifestyles shouldn't be an option. Travel plans can tell marketers a lot about a consumer's lifestyle and buying habits, such as the type of climate they prefer, the annual amount they will spend on non-discretionary items, and preferences for either low-dollar or high-dollar brands.
  • Total Wine & More Increases Use Of AI, Data To Prevent Ecommerce Fraud
    Total Wine & More plans to implement technology from Forter that relies on AI and data to protect consumers from credit card fraud. The new strategy kicks off in early July.
  • Lotame Sets Precedent, Defines 'Quality' In Data
    Lotame now runs one of the world's largest data exchanges, with 65 data providers and more than 4 billion cookies and mobile device IDs. Similar to Google, the company's direction seems to influence the entire industry.
  • Mixing Blockchain With Programmatic
    Working with agencies may be a better move for those companies lacking employees with knowledge of blockchain and programmatic technologies. Agencies often can optimize media spend and negotiate better rates, because they understand the processes better than the brand, giving them leverage in the negotiations.
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