• Marketers Smarten Up, Spend Less On Holiday Campaigns
    It seems either marketers have made smarter campaign investments or technology has stepped in to improve performance. it's probably a little bit of both, according to the data.
  • Narrativ's Twist On Search, Data For Publishers Bring Amazon Competition
    Narrativ, which launched in August 2015, works to turn static links into dynamic clicks with smartlinks, based on a pay-per-click acquisition model. Smartlinks are like website tag containers that hold dynamic prices, in-or-out-of-stock status, and data that helps retailers compete on sales.
  • BPC Introduces Programmatic Blockchain Platform
    BPC (Blockchain Programmatic Corp.) cofounder and CEO, Pavel Cherkashin, who moved to San Francisco from Russia four years ago, plans to shakeup advertising with a technology that will make blockchain possible for the digital industry.
  • Why This CEO Thinks Programmatic Requires Accurate Data
    Simpli.fi co-founder and CEO Frost Prioleau discusses dynamic creative, mobile and OTT as major strategies in 2018.
  • Adyoulike Brings DCO To Native Advertising With A Programmatic Twist
    Adyoulike will be rolling out a dynamic creative optimization (DCO) platform in the coming weeks to increase the personalization of native advertising based on an individual's location, the time of day and more. This is more commonly done in display advertising, but AdLikeYou U.S. GM and CRO Francis Turner says the company will bring DCO to native advertising based on programmatic technology.
  • Ad Fraud To Increase With End-Of-Year Budget Dumps, Data Shows
    The end-of-year budget dump in spending will prompt ad fraud to reach its peak during the same time.
  • Why Programmatic Works For This Smaller Publisher
    Brandon Dawson, programmatic ads director at Render Media, an L.A.-based digital media company co-founded by Eytan Elbaz, creator of Google AdSense, thinks he has the formula to make programmatic successful. The media company owns and operates Cooking Panda and Opposing Views, two properties that typically get more than 50 million unique visitors monthly. Render has a sales team, but more than 95% of the ads on these pages are sold programmatically, and Dawson insists the user experience does not suffer and neither does revenue.
  • Theorem's Data Behind Programmatic
    Programmatic advertising is set to grow significantly in the coming year as inventory becomes more available in the open exchange, especially native ad units, but it seems marketers still lack the ability to leverage the data. The most notable disconnect points to the gap between data and technology, though artificial intelligence continues to try and bridge it.
  • Advertisers Lack The Education To Keep Up With Technology
    It's becoming increasingly harder to make intelligent media-buying decisions when using emerging technologies like blockchain and programmatic. While technologies like these move the advertising industry forward, some insiders believe that many marketers lack the knowledge to support this growth.
  • Programmatic Still Facing Obstacles
    The need for more efficient ad targeting with increased transparency began to attract marketers to the use of programmatic engines, but a recent study spearheaded by the CMO Council shows few have adopted the technology.
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