• IBM Testing Artificial Intelligence To Predict The Success Of Future Products
    IBM has begun testing the use of data, analytics and AI to forecast the demand of future products with "a reasonable amount of accuracy," says Steve Laughlin, IBM Global Consumer Industry vp-general manager .
  • Xaxis North America President Talks About Brand Safety
    More than ever, brands must take online measures to protect their image against damaging influences. It's no longer an option to have ads run near questionable or inappropriate content.
  • Next Generation Of Advertising, Data Collaboration Looks Very Different
    Newly commissioned research from The Winterberry Group delves into the surge of data collaboration across companies in a post-cookie world, based on in-depth interviews across the U.S. and U.K. with more than 50 industry experts and a panel of senior brand marketers providing input.
  • How Data Models May Have Helped Prevent Chaos At Capitol Building
    Advertisers use data models to determine the "perfect" message to target consumers with ads at specific moments. Why can't data models built on sentiment and interests predict violence?
  • Brand Safety, Cyber Security Will Catch Ad Industry By Surprise In '21, TAG CEO Says
    Racial sensitivity and brand safety were the focus of major changes in the ad industry in 2020, which will manifest in the ways consumers bond with brands in 2021.
  • Contextual Advertising Moves To Next Stage In 2021
    AI and machine learning can now recommend the dominant color in an ad image based on historical ad performance. But this is just the beginning. Marketers will see advancements that enable an understanding of the contextual effect of objects, texts, and situations and will make recommendations based on the data.
  • One-On-One: Inside Merkle Global CEO Craig Dempster's World
    Craig Dempster, global CEO, Merkle, has worked for the customer experience management company for about 15 years. How he got there seems more serendipitous than he acknowledges.
  • Global Head Of IBM Watson Advertising Dubs 2021 The Year Of Evolution
    Sheri Bachstein, global head of IBM Watson Advertising and The Weather Company, believes 2021 will see more advanced technologies such as AI and AR come into play across a variety of platforms.
  • How U.S. Will Get A Federal Privacy Law Affecting Online Advertising
    "California will have its own dedicated agency that enforces CPRA, which will have its own budget to go after companies that do not comply," said Heather Federman, vice president of privacy and policy at BigID.
  • NBCUniversal's 'Trolls World Tour' Influencer Campaign Skyrockets Digital Data To Success
    When the theatrical release of "Trolls World Tour" failed to materialize after the COVID-19 pandemic set in and shut down movie theaters nationwide, NBCU needed another plan. Pulling a major theatrical release predicted to become one of its highest-grossing of the year wasn't an easy decision, but rather than wait for movie theaters to re-open, NBCUniversal pushed the major release out to digital services -- a bold move, given the circumstances.
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