• Advertisers Will Change How They Respond To Consumer Purchases
    The ad industry is focused on changes in consumer behavior based on the actions of brands and advertisers. But what about changes in the way advertisers respond to consumers?
  • A Conversation With Gila Wilensky On Xaxis' 10th Anniversary
    In a wide-ranging, free-wheeling Q&A, U.S. President Gila Wilensky helps define what Xaxis is today and where it is going in the near future.
  • Publishers Grapple Over Email, Contextual Targeting To Replace Third-Party Cookies
    "I believe in the value exchange, but I don't think we need email to do it," said Jana Meron, SVP programmatic and data strategy at Insider In a virtual panel discussion on "Life After Cookies," hosted by LiveIntent.
  • Apple's Privacy Notification: What It Looks Like, Who Will Likely Opt In
    Privacy notifications tied to Apple's Identifier for Advertisers officially launch this week, but some in the San Francisco Bay area have already had a glimpse.
  • Google's Privacy Walled Garden Will Help Services Like Stirista ID Graph Thrive
    What if marketers had access to an identity graph that updates in real-time using billions of transactions that give them access to hundreds of identifiers across millions of online, offline, social, and household personas?
  • Merkle's Co-Op Data Strategy Means Brands Build A First-Party ID Graph
    Marketers who made significant investments in addressable advertising and found results in data may feel any other targeting option is a bridge too far to cross.
  • How Neustar Changes Customer Identity Data Management
    Facing significant changes, from Apple's IDFA to Google Cohorts, marketers need to think outside their silos. Working with one provider drives accuracy and less data loss.
  • Infutor Exec Passed Up A Job At HBO To Work With Data
    The road to Infutor took Zora Senat from an internship at Fox 4 News, Emma L. Bowen Foundation Media Partner, where she worked as a field producer, cutting video and audio tape for reporters to build out their interview reels.
  • Local Media Growth Expected, But Not Enough To Counter 2020 Declines
    This year's increases won't be enough to wipe out 2020's losses. The ad marketplace won't grow larger than what was seen in 2019 until 2022.
  • How Cookies Crumble At Some Of The Largest Companies
    Some companies will become opportunists, or disrupters and pioneers. Some like Best Buy will focus on first-party data and getting closer to the customer, said Keith Bryan, svp and president of Best Buy's ad business, media, and CRM.
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