• GroundTruth Develops Weather Triggering For CTV Following MRC Accreditation
    GroundTruth now enables marketers to target ads through a large weather sensor network using conditions and parameters such as temperature, wind, UV index and alerts. CTV ads will be targeted based on weather and forecasted conditions powered by more than 10,000 weather stations.
  • 2021 Mid-Year Digital Ad Data Shows Impact On Campaign Strategies
    A mid-year digital ad trends report from self-service programmatic ad platform Choozle answers questions related to omnichannel, privacy regulations, and timelines around third-party cookies.
  • Ad Fontes TV Reliability, Bias Ratings Launches, Former CBS TV Prez Appointed To Board
    Former CBS television network president Elizabeth Tumulty and several other key execs join the board of directors to help reduce bias and improve reliability of content.
  • Omnichannel Strategies Still Baffle Many Marketers
    There's a stark difference between consumer engagement and increased marketing investments across multiple channels that connect. Xaxis explains in a recent report.
  • Centro Automates Recommendations For First-Party Data Contextual Targeting
    Centro this week plans to release what it calls a privacy-friendly, cookieless targeting engine that automatically recommends contextual targeting categories based on a marketer's best-performing audiences.
  • Ogilvy Health Pushes Deeper Into Data, Programmatic
    The deal is intended to enhance the Point of Care campaign available to agency clients and partners and advance audience targeting, measurement and reporting capabilities for marketing initiatives through programmatic media.
  • RTB House Testing FLoC: What Executives Learned
    RTB House has been testing Google's Privacy Sandbox tools, including Federated Learning of Cohorts, and didn't learn about the rollout delay in 2023 until hours before Google announced the change.
  • How HUMAN, Google, Facebook Make It More Expensive To Commit Cybercrime
    "We had to disrupt the economics of cybercrime," said HUMAN CEO Tamer Hassan. "It's an economic problem measured by the cost of fraud."
  • StackAdapt Forecasts Campaign Delivery And Performance
    "It's about seeing into the future to know how the campaign will scale and see the performance you can expect before spending a dollar" to eventually help marketers forecast performance across multiple channels," said Vitaly Pecherskiy, StackAdapt COO and co-founder.
  • Starcom And Telenor Group Create Data Partnership
    Starcom will broker data to support the brand and its corporate identity under the deal. Telenor collects first-party customer data, similar to Verizon Communications in the U.S., and supports about 187 million customers across the Nordics and Asia.
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