• GasBuddy Has More Than One Data Surprise For Marketers
    The Pay With GasBuddy platform closes the search-to-purchase loop. Currently, it runs a debit program, but expanding it to a credit card could provide brands with much more opt-in data.
  • CEO Gentry Officially Takes Reins At OpenX, Talks Business Plans, Importance Of Luck
    Being around in the early days of the internet was luck, says OpenX CEO John Gentry -- but also an opportunity "to be part of a growing category."
  • Samba TV Works With Amazon To Create New Attribution Model
    Samba TV and Amazon are building out an attribution model that enables brands to confirm a tv ad leading to a purchase with no identifiable customer data being shared by the companies or brands.
  • Vistar Media Seeing Analytics, Programmatic Recharge DOOH
    Vistar Media CEO Michael Provenzano predicts strong growth for the company will continue in 2020, partly driven by attribution and the ability to measure return on ad spend.
  • Cuebiq's Privacy Expert And Former Yahoo Data, Privacy Lead Talks Data, CCPA, Cookie Tracking
    Shane Wiley spoke with "Data & Programmatic Insider" about his career as former lead for global privacy and data governance at Yahoo and how he led the GDPR technical implementation and merger of AOL and Yahoo.
  • GumGum Verity Opens More Data To Publishers
    Just in case publishers think they don't have enough data, GumGum added several nuances to its Verity platform that provide more options to target specific ads based on the content on a page. Advertisers will soon get something similar.
  • Programmatic Helping Advertisers To Create, Buy Longer, Interactive TV Ad Segments
    Centro's ad platform recently became certified on Hulu's private marketplace, allowing advertisers to create and buy longer commercial segments targeted at specific audiences through addressable advertising.
  • How Marathons, Playing Ice Hockey Inform Kathy Bachmann's Role As GM Of Americas
    The new role puts Bachmann in charge of overseeing strategies for team, product and revenue growth in North America and Latin America.
  • Cyber Monday Taking A Backseat To Overall Online Sales
    Consumer behavior continues to change, especially during the end-of-year holidays. Cyber Monday is declining in importance as a higher percentage of purchases shift to online.
  • How Consumer Market Research, P&G Influenced An Eight-Year-Old
    A parent who spoke about his work in market research made such an impact on Kronberger that she dedicated her career to studying consumer behavior and how businesses are run.
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