Don't Be Lazy Or A Creep: Set Higher Bar For Personalization
    Why does "creep factor" still enter into the conversation about how marketers use online data to provide personalized digital experiences?
    Why Ads.txt Adoption Is So Important For In-App Ads
    We can't afford to let mobile fraudsters stifle ad investment in an area where consumers are spending more and more of their media time.
    Why In-Housing Programmatic Isn't All-Or-Nothing Choice
    Here are the top reasons why organizations are considering alternative approaches:
    Why Mobile Marketers Need To Think Like Statisticians
    Mobile marketers need to embrace statistical models to avoid drawing inaccurate conclusions about retargeting active users.
    Is The Asian Market Even A Thing?
    Unlike the U.S. Hispanic or African-American markets, there is little consensus on how to market to Asian Americans.
    5 Things Marketers Should Know About Today's Women Shoppers
    Women have a different set of shopping expectations these days, from personalization to versatility.
    The Need For Diversified Pricing Models: Why CPM Is Not Enough
    Marketers should consider diversifying their pricing models in a way that accommodates a greater portion of the sales funnel.
    The Mysterious Forces Of Marketing
    There are three primary groups, each with very different perspectives, needs, and assumptions: people, media and brands.
    An In-Depth Look Into U.S. Hispanic Population
    Over half of the Hispanics living in the U.S. are below the age of 40, so marketers need to adjust accordingly.
    Teens Prefer Screens To People
    How can marketers take advantage of research showing teens' staggering use of phones and social media?
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