7 Overlooked Ways To Work With Influencers
    From offline sampling to content creation, there are many ways to engage influencers that can maximize your budget.
    Latinos Accounted For 50%+ U.S. Growth In Past Decade
    So where are the retailers in all of this? Retail marketers continue to woefully underspend on the Latino market.
    5 Way To Tell If Your Website Works
    For one, is it mobile-friendly? Here's some advice and suggested free tools to help diagnose the effectiveness of your website.
    Latinos Are Saving Our National Pastime,1 Bat Flip At A Time
    Of the top 20 best-selling MLB jerseys entering the 2021 season, eight are worn by Latino players.
    Is There A Reliable Standard To Measure Social Media Engagement?
    The Open Engagement Rate was born as an open-source measurement that uses publicly available data and is completely transparent in its methodology.
    Commerce Trends That May Have An Impact Bigger Than Pandemic
    Today, consumers now expect to purchase items from wherever they are in the digital universe, without the bother of navigating to an ecommerce site.
    Data Privacy Shifts: Plan Now to Stay Ahead Later
    Some dramatic changes to consumer targeting are here, and others are coming. How should marketers use this time before the faucet is completely shut off?
    For Leaders, Empathy Is Everything
    That trait is essential -- especially in times of crisis.
    Using Print To Connect Luxury Brands And Consumers
    Brands can develop hyper-targeted content that creates genuine connections with consumers via integration of digital technology and print.
    Make Relationships The Center Of Post-Pandemic B2B Marketing Strategy
    Trust is key. In 2021 and beyond, B2B customers need to feel as if they can trust your brand to provide support through thick and thin.
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