• Hyperbabble Watch
    "A first-of-its-kind multi-channel B2C customer acquisition solution that maximizes customer conversion and online marketing ROI by delivering the most valuable prospects and customers to leading brands." That, hands-down, was the winner of today's edition of Hyperbabble, a contest I play with myself each day to select the best (or as the case may be, worst) examples of advertising and media technology jargon. Today's runner-up, by the way, was, "A breakthrough platform that allows advertisers to target their audience with an unprecedented level of pinpoint accuracy through a multi-layered approach to customer targeting and segmentation."
  • Real-Time With Rocket Fuel's Siebelink, Belani
    On Monday, real-time digital ad tech company Rocket Fuel released a white paper to answer 10 basic questions people have about programmatic buying. The white paper saw over 100 downloads before it was officially released, so RTM Daily sat down with the principal authors of the white paper, Roland Siebelink, product marketing director, enterprise, and Eshwar Belani, VP, products and business development, to pick their brains about why people in the industry are so anxious for more information on programmatic buying, the future of the market, and where it needs to improve.
  • Trading Places (Right Now, They're An Also Ran)
    "A crowded space with a bunch of technologies that are largely redundant and not so different from each other. One which will inevitably see a lot of consolidation with a few dominant leaders emerging from the rubble." That's the way one top marketing exec characterized the term "ad technology," when asked to participate in a new benchmarking study conducted by Advertiser Perceptions Inc. (see related story). It seems marketing executives feel a lot like trade journalists when it comes to this subject, because I have never experienced more of a deluge of businesses, business models, and business jargon in more …
  • GSI and Ensighten Partner; "Validates" Tag Management, Says Cahill
    Earlier this week, GSI Commerce announced a partnership with Ensighten, a real-time "tag management" systems provider. The question is, what exactly is a real-time tag management system? I'll try to break it down as simple as possible. Basically, it's a system that allows companies to manage all of their web site's third party "tags" (not exactly cookies, but a close cousin) in one location. And, from that single location, they can manage all of the data collected by those tags.
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