• Targeting Inception: Targeting The Targeters (And Retargeting Them Too)
    "It's about reaching the right person at the right time with the right message." How many times have you heard or read a variation of that quote when it comes to marketing? It might be a tired statement, but it remains one of the easiest ways to define real-time marketing. Something that I've overlooked is that the ultimate media buyers (i.e. marketers) need to be targeted too. The people that reach and influence consumers need to first be reached and influenced. Like clockwork, the media buyers need to be reached at the right time with the right message.
  • Ad Tech: The Return Of The Marketer
    The first time a MediaPost article used the acronym "RTB" (real-time bidding) was January 11, 2010. The second article - "Real-Time Bidding Is The Real Deal" - was posted on February 8, 2010. This was the new hope. By 2011, demand for biddable inventory was rising, and publishers were looking for ways to take advantage. The advent of private exchanges helped get more publishers in the game, but it came at a cost: black boxes and transparency issues. The publishers had stricken back.
  • How Likely Are You To Consider InPowered After Reading This Blog Post?
    In their own words, Peyman and Pirouz Nilforoush are, "fighting the good fight" in order to help consumers find the best, most authentic and authoritative content to help them make decisions about brands. And as of today, they want to utilize similar technologies to help brands understand which content influences consumers' purchase consideration -- in real-time -- so they can spend more money "amplifying" that content across the Web and social media circles. But they're using a funny way to do that. Basically, they're bringing back the pop-up.
  • The Bottom Isn't The Finish Line For RTB
    "Your remnant inventory is so remnant, you have to trade it via real-time bidding." "RTB? More like Race To The Bottom, amiright?" Or something like that. I'm just trying to get all my RTB-being-deciphered-as-race to-the-bottom jokes out before it's no longer hip, because I just found out the bottom isn't the finish line. It's more like the first turn in a long race. Before we go any further, let's start from the top.
  • Recreating Brick And Mortar Online Via Real-Time Chats; My Friday Afternoon Internet Adventure
    Putzing around the Internet on this slow Friday, I searched Google for "Google AdWords search vs. display advertising." (Basically, AdWords seems to be the answer to absolutely everything, and I wanted to know more about it.) Lo and behold, I ended up on a blog post on the site Webitmd.com. Not 10 seconds into reading that search and display are the two primary venues in Google AdWords did a little chat box appear on my screen. "Thanks for checking us out! My name is Sarah. Have any questions about our services?" I chose to ignore what "Sarah" wrote and instead …
  • Zero: The Number Of Times The IAB Revenue Report Cites Programmatic
    For all its recent strides -- on Madison Avenue, and especially on Wall Street -- the programmatic marketplace still has a big image problem. Part of it stems from the notion that it's all RTB, which itself has an image problem (you know, that it stands for race-to-the-bottom). I'm not going to beat on that drum again -- at least not today. Instead, I want to focus on a far less apparent one, that it simply scares people. It scares people for the obvious reason that people get scared about machines that can do some things better than they can. …
  • Real-Time With Richard Jalichandra, Isocket's New Chief
    Programmatic direct provider isocket has a new chief in town just weeks after striking a deal to become Microsoft's programmatic direct partner of choice. Richard Jalichandra has been named the company's new CEO, effective immediately. Founding CEO John Ramey will stay on as Chairman of the Board. RTM Daily asked Jalichandra some questions via email about the ad tech space in general, including what he would outlaw were he overlord of the entire industry. RTM Daily: What is it about ad technology in general that interests you? Richard Jalichandra: Advertising literally powers the Internet. Billions of people enjoy the Web …
  • 21% Of Marketers Use Marketing Tech As 'Shelfware'? Make It Faster!
    A Forrester study commissioned by Qubit revealed that 56% of marketers aren't using all of the features of digital marketing technology, and 21% of marketers view their technology as nothing more than "shelfware." Yet at the same time, 86% of respondents said their marketing budgets will increase by more than 5% in the next 12 months, with 73% of firms putting at least 10% of their marketing budgets toward technology.
  • Shedding Light On Dark Fiber (And Why It's Important To You)
    I've always known how important infrastructure was for the advertising business, but I've never thought about the plumbing of media planning and buying more than since I began covering the programmatic trading marketplace, where fractions of seconds can mean lost bidding and winning opportunities and, potentially, millions or billions of dollars. So I'm finding myself taking more meetings discussing things like data centers, and learning new terms like "dark fiber," and why they're changing the way people buy and sell media. I had an especially geeky conversation on these topics last week with Robert Blackburn, who oversees North American sales …
  • 47, Or The Number Of Real-Times In Twitter's File
    "Real-time" is cited 47 times in Twitter's S-1 filing. You can bump it up to 69 times when the dash is removed between real and time. On top of that, "Live events" is cited 10 times and "auction" 12 times, all in reference to advertising. Essentially, Twitter knows it's the ultimate real-time platform. When Twitter acquired MoPub, we knew some sort of real-time bidding (RTB) tie-in to Twitter's mobile platform was on the horizon, and their S-1 filing confirms it. "Once we complete the acquisition of MoPub, we plan to invest to grow MoPub's current business, including by extending advertising …
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