• Beyond 'Transparency': Let's Talk About Accountability
    Most people in the ad-tech universe are talking about transparency in one way or another. Transparency means different things to different people--it involves media buys, media pricing, viewability standards, the assessment of non-human traffic, relationships among ad-tech vendors, agencies, publishers and marketers, and more. But here's a piece of the transparency equation we hear less about: accountability.
  • 5 Need-To-Know Programmatic Highlights From SXSW
    In the past few years, SxSW has taken some criticism. Has it gotten too broad? Irrelevant? Definitely not this time, at least where programmatic is concerned.
  • Viewability Just The Beginning Of Ad Efficacy Conversation
    Cadreon's Erica Schmidt gave a presentation on a viewability study at the IAB Programmatic Marketplace.
  • Turner Eyes Potential In PMPs
    Turner is focused on programmatic ad sales and sees potential in PMPs.
  • What's Ahead For Mobile Programmatic
    While many people are bullish about mobile programmatic -- after all, time spent on mobile devices is surging -- there's a learning curve and challenges for marketers that want to dive in.
  • Trolling For Transparency, Media's Latest Buzzword
    We've been hearing and talking a lot about transparency in programmatic media buying, and media buying in general. The issues of transparency are very real -- day in and day out. Joe Weaver, president and CEO of Promatica Consulting, tries to work through these issues with marketers arm-wrestling with their media agencies, ad-tech vendors and other partners.
  • Will Marketers' Clarion Call For More Transparency Be Heard?
    Research finding on programmatic media conducted by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and Forrester Research make it plain: Growth in programmatic media could stall if issues around transparency aren't resolved--right now.
  • TubeMogul Campaign Says Working With Google Ad Stack Not In Advertisers' Best Interests
    TubeMogul's "Manifesto For Independence" campaign taking Google to task certainly packs a punch. TubeMogul says Google doesn't play fair with marketers, maintaining the search giant has a "conflict of interest."
  • GABBCON Working Group Is Creating Audience Buying Standards For TV
    GABBCON (the Global Audience Based Buying Conference) launched last year, born out of a frustration with the lack of standards and shared vocabulary around audience buying for TV and video in particular, according to co-founder Gabe Greenberg, formerly of The Trade Desk and Delivery Agent.
  • GABBCON Bows Automated Linear Broadcast Cross-Device Standards For Audience Buying
    This week the Global Audience Based Buying Conference (GABBCON) gathered for its New York Audience-Based Buying Summit. GABBCON bills itself as a group of organizations that aren't "satisfied with the status quo" and who are or want to be active in audience-based buying. The group went public with version 1.0 of its Automated Linear Broadcast Cross Device Standard or (ABCDs). Well, at least the acronym is easy enough.
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