• New Fox Slot-Machine Game Show Looks Familiar
    Fox's new "Cherries Wild" sounds an awful lot like "The Joker's Wild," a show that first came to TV in 1972.
  • The Rock For President? By 2032, It Just Might Happen
    A new NBC sitcom about the early life of Dwayne Johnson has him running for president in 2032.
  • Super Bowl Wrap-Up, Part II: To Err Is Human
    As last Sunday's Super Bowl demonstrated, it can be difficult to locate that sweet spot between trying too hard and not trying hard enough.
  • In 'Clarice,' Plucky Profiler Takes On Serial Killers And Sexism
    Hannibal Lecter makes no appearance in the premiere episode of "Clarice," another procedural crime drama on CBS with a focus on serial killers.
  • Hey, Buzzkill Bruce, Turn That Frown Upside Down
    Is it too much to ask of one of our premiere rock stars that he lighten up when he comes to a Super Bowl party?
  • No Let-Up So Far In All-Out Promotion Campaign For Discovery+
    Discovery's scorched-earth promotion campaign for its new streaming service has not visibly ebbed since the last time the "TV Blog" got into this subject on January 8.
  • What The Hell Is This? Underworld Reimagined and Rebranded
    This cartoon show poses an eternal question: If you were assigned to craft a new image for Hell, what would you do?
  • The COVID-19 Super Bowl: A Big Game Like No Other
    As always, the commercials will be widely noted, seen and talked about. The preference here is: The wackier the better.
  • 'Kardashians' Finale: End Of World Or Boon To Civilization?
    Depending on one's point of view, the final season of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" represents either a boon to mankind or an incalculable loss.
  • Formulaic And Familiar, CBS' New 'Equalizer' Is Sure Thing
    From straight out of the CBS action-drama playbook comes "The Equalizer," starring Queen Latifah.
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