• D2C Brands Are Not Your Father's Marketers -- Not By A Mile
    D2C marketing is not about advertising, but about innovative products solving well-known, widely shared and seemingly intractable consumer problems.
  • The Netflixification Of TV
    I recently heard the concept of TV as a "service," and the idea resonated with me - a concept that goes beyond cord-cutting, into the next generation of television.
  • Reality Vs. Meta-Reality
    Real is what we perceive with our senses at the time it happens. Meta-real is how we reshape reality after the fact and then preserve it for future reference.
  • NY Tech Wins Big!
    The synergies of new startups, big tech, and an engaged venture community are a pretty powerful elixir.
  • 6 Advertising Challenges To Resolve -- And 1 Cause To Address
    The WFA has issued a call to action to the industry we all represent. It's asking for ideas on six topics, which will be evaluated prior to the Global Marketer Week event.
  • A Convenient Falsehood
    What's shocking is that massive regulations about Internet privacy are based on research subject to a major paradox.
  • Focus On Your Fans, Not Your Detractors
    Don't expend energy pushing the stone up the hill when you can simply nudge it down the mountainside.
  • Marketing Vs. Advertising: Making It Personal
    The disruption that's washing over our industry is also washing away the traditional line drawn between marketing and advertising.
  • Facebook Reports $22B Profits -- At What Cost?
    Today is Facebook's 15th birthday -- a good time to look at the profits and pitfalls of the social network.
  • Fool Me Once, Shame On You. Fool Me 1,000 Times, You Must Be Facebook
    I'm done being surprised by Facebook's latest scandal(s) -- and done thinking there's a solution to the stranglehold Facebook has on our digital social lives.
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