• Super Bowl Ads Win The Super Bowl Of Hypocrisy
    There's no way the delicious flavors from your favorite local eatery can compete with the sour taste of Uber's hypocrisy.
  • 5 Reasons Why Apple's Limiting IDFA Is Very Good For CTV
    The change should bring budget shifts to areas where marketers can still target and measure audiences, like CTV.
  • Why Do Marketers Prefer The Walled Gardens?
    Marketers find them helpful because it's one-stop shopping.
  • Our Disappearing Attention Spans
    Is a short attention span a bad thing? Does it negatively impact us, or is it just our brain changing to be a better fit with our environment?
  • Jeff Bezos: The Final Frontier
    What's next for Bezos? What if he bought Fox News and Breitbart and made them more centrist?
  • Crystal-Ball Gazing: Global Ad Spend, Economic Recovery
    I fail to share the optimism presented to us in post-pandemic forecasts.
  • It's a Crazy, Mobbed-Up World
    Let's take a look at three significant yet unexpected events resulting from collective action.
  • Will FOMO Drive The Growth Of Clubhouse?
    I've been given a number of invitations to join the new social media app, but I'm not feeling the "fear of missing out." Yet.
  • Ebbs And Flows Of Consumerism In Post-Pandemic World
    Advertising will have to negotiate choppy waters of reduced consumerism in 2021, then adjustment period in 2022 and beyond.
  • 'Wonderama,' Kids' TV, And the Web
    Memories of a more innocent time in kids' media.
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