• 'Dead' On Arrival: CW's Atrocious New U.K. Comedy
    English television content is slowly but surely adopting some of the worst traits of American TV, as this new comedy series demonstrates.
  • Cop Shows Under Scrutiny As CBS Brings In Outside Advisors
    TV cop shows are in a bind following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, and the protests that came after.
  • Not Canceled: Ellen, Nick Cannon Still Working Despite Scandals
    Some people get canceled for the things they say or do, while others do not.
  • Stranger Things Happen In HBO's 'Lovecraft Country'
    Among the compliments one can pay to the new HBO series "Lovecraft Country" is that it is not the same old thing.
  • Dystopia As A Leitmotif? It's All Part Of The Zeitgeist
    The word "dystopia" comes up often in stories, reviews and publicity materials provided by networks to describe new TV dramas.
  • TV Now: A Midsummer Day's Rant
    Summers on TV are usually bad enough, but in this crazy year, TV is not cutting it.
  • Dreary Drama About Murderous Couple Just Might Kill TV
    A new drama series about a couple who kills together is the kind of TV show that just might have you swearing off TV altogether.
  • Comedy Cartoon Spinoff Is New Frontier For 'Star Trek'
    The newest wrinkle in the "Star Trek" universe is this new animated series on CBS All Access called "Star Trek: Lower Decks."
  • Beyond Belief: Osbournes Return To Haunt TV
    Like spirits who refuse to leave a haunted house, the Osbournes are back on TV, this time on the Travel Channel.
  • 'British Baking Show' Duo Seeks Comedy 'Hit' On Peacock
    The latest British-accent show on Peacock is this new half-hour comedy called "Hitmen" about two assassins-for-hire who happen to be women.
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