• The Importance of Integration
    According to the 2004 USC Internet Report, the time people spend online in the United States has grown 33 percent over the past four years. Marketers might assume this growth has come at the expense of time spent with traditional media, but that is not necessarily the case. Studies have found that media consumption has risen across the board. This seems a bit counter-intuitive, at first, given that the number of hours worked annually by Americans is rising, thus leaving less discretionary time.
  • Online Marketing, Now Ready for Primetime
    It wasn't too long ago that online marketing was in the doghouse. How things have changed in just a few years. Online advertising spending has risen dramatically in recent years. Just as important, the increase is being driven by the country's largest and most respected brands.
  • The Short Path From Taxonomy to Profits
    Webster tells us that taxonomy is "the orderly classification of plants and animals according to their presumed natural relationships."
  • 2005: Lose Weight, Be Promoted!
    It's that time of year.
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