• Mobile Payments Services Slow To Increase Rate Of Use
    Last week during Yahoo's developer's conference, Simon Khalaf, CEO of Flurry, a Yahoo company, called electronic payment services the last mile for mobile ecommerce. Retailers, restaurants and banks are increasing their use of mobile payment services from companies like Apple, Google, PayPal, and Samsung, but consumers are warming up to the idea slowly, according to a Placecast survey conducted online by Harris Poll in November 2014.
  • Marketers Buy More Than They Use Analytics
    Marketers plan to increase budget share going to analytics over the next several years. But someone on their teams better learn how to use analytics, because application of the tools seems to be declining.
  • Rovi Inks Data Deal With A+E Networks
    With its new deal, A+E Networks will use Rovi's Ad Optimizer to power audience-driven selling. Rovi built an analytics platform that lets media owners use larger data sets to better understand their audience. The deal provides A+E Networks with a next-generation sales and planning tool, so account executives can sell the network's advertising inventory supported by data sets.
  • Beacons Open Up Prospects For 'Physical Retargeting'
    A Unilever test in Sweden recently showed how beacon technology can be used to tag and then retarget consumers based on their real-world movements. Now more than your digital shopping cart will be following you around online.
  • Taptica's Programmatic Platform Will Analyze Cost Per Action
    Taptica is launching an advertising analytics tool March 1 on its mobile acquisition platform aimed at deepening understanding of consumer behavior through in-app activity tracking and profiling.
  • One Screen Does Not Fit All: Even Millennials Shop On The Desktop
    Despite their infamous preference for mobile screens, Millennials, like Gen-Xers and Boomers, choose their display because of several different factors.
  • Mobile Network Speeds, Programmatic, And Why Marketers Need To Know
    Cisco Systems released its Visual Networking Index and Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Tuesday with several predictions and growth trends that marketers planning mobile campaigns should keep in mind.
  • When It Comes To Apps, Target Your Partners, Not Just Consumers
    The competition for app visibility and for users' in-app mindshare will overwhelm most brands seeking app stardom. They will need to think outside their own icon.
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