• Advertising is FUNdamental
    In case you missed it (and it was remarkably easy to miss), the FTC recently launched an online game at Admongo.gov that tries to teach the young'uns about advertising and its techniques, ubiquity and aims, through an online platform game. But how well does the game do what it purports to do? Don't worry. I played it so you don't have to. Or at least I tried to play it.
  • Blinkx Adds Behavioral Targeting To Video Site
    The video search engine introduced behavioral targeting services Tuesday supported by AdHoc, the company's contextual video advertising platform.
  • Make My Personal Profile To-Go, Please
    As new privacy initiatives proliferate standardized icons and messaging and push people towards profile pages, manicuring your online profile could become as typical as cleaning out your email inbox or some other behavior we never anticipated a decade ago.
  • The Behaviorally Targeted Generation
    The Internet has accelerated "generation numbness" -- some kids today aren't concerned about the type of information they post to the Internet, because they think the search engines of tomorrow should know how they feel today.
  • Are We CLEAR? Looking Through 'Transparency'
    The privacy icons are here. The privacy icons are here. After a protracted period of collaboration, development and testing, the long-promised proposals for applying greater transparency to online data gathering by ad networks and Web sites finally emerged this week. We are that much closer to getting a standard set of icons and messaging for ads and sites that consumers can use to monitor and control the data that are being collected on them. Or at least that is the hope.
  • Who Heads Your Behavioral Targeting Company?
    Meet Jeff Pullen. He lives in Santa Barbara, Calif. The former chief executive officer at U.S. Search, and chief operating officer at ValueClick, officially joined AudienceScience this week at president and chief operating officer.
  • Census 2010: I Feel Violated
    Have you filled out your United States Census 2010 form yet, to tell the U.S. government how many people sleep in your bed at night -- and exactly how old they are?
  • Privacy In The App Age
    Location-based services (LBS) came into their own this year as apps like foursquare, Yelp, Gowalla, Loopt and others let users "check-in" from specific places. This process not only leaves a trail of usage data, but also leaves open a number of questions about who gets to see and retain this information about your usage. I asked an old friend of Mediapost's, Alan Chapell of Chapell & Associates, about the state of mobile privacy and data handling under the new regime of apps.
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