• Automated Serendipity
    StumbleUpon endures, and perhaps is so popular among the most savvy digital users because it seems to be a counterpoint to the cold, unadventurous precision of the rest of the data-driven online experience.
  • CMO and CIO Disconnect Slows Campaign Performance
    An Accenture Interactive online study of about 1,100 CMO and CIO professionals set out to track how the two functions continue to come together and address companies' digital needs. The two groups remain at odds in several basic issues such as how to integrate digital marketing solutions.
  • Mad Robots, Farcical Digital Experience: Retargeting Runs Amuck
    The one thing that all of our high-tech ad targeting is not paying attention to is the cumulative experience it creates for end users as they consume it all each day. Perhaps out of necessity, the user online experience is out of any single entity's control. But it is worth remembering just how bad it is out there.
  • Apple, IBM Ink Deal To Develop Business Software For Mobile First
    Apple and IBM have put rivalries aside since the early days of personal computers and announced a deal that will likely put some of Apple's most popular devices in the hands of corporate users. The deal brings IBM's big data and analytics capabilities to iPhone and iPad.
  • Even DR Should Be Telling A Good Story
    Bludgeoning consumers online with the same call to action surely has an impact. One recent test on Facebook suggests consumers may respond better to longer, more nuanced sequential advertising.
  • Insurance Targeting: Marketing Same Product To Three Demos
    Digital marketing agency PM Digital and analytics company Paradysz set out to analyze online behavioral trends in the insurance industry to determine audience, demographics, and media interests and preferred methods of buying insurance.
  • Mining The Aisles: In-Store Experiences Will Render Troves Of Data, And Better Relationships
    You can't use in-store devices and beacon gadgetry to gather shopper data unless the customer, and the salespeople, all buy in, one British retailer discovered. Technology, when used wisely, can render new data even as it enhances the personal connection between store and shopper.
  • Audience Partners Voter-Targeted Patent Serves Ads Across Computers, Smartphones, Tablets, Addressable TVs
    Voter file data now up for grabs in some political ad targeting campaigns could change the game for some of the more tech-savvy political candidates. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued Patent No. 8,763,033 to Audience Partners for its proprietary technology allowing political campaigns to target digital advertising using voter registration records and a host of other data.
  • Your Marketing Is More Of A Bother Than A Benefit To Millennials
    Remarkably, the generation that purports to be so comfortable with technology and even the marketing and media business models that blur old lines, may not be after all. A recent survey finds the overwhelming majority of Millennials regard targeted mobile advertising as an intrusion on their privacy.
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